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Australia Queensland Gerard Rennick Nov 8th Questions Genotoxicity tests still haven't been done.mp4

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Published on 04 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Australia Queensland Gerard Rennick Nov 8th Questions Genotoxicity tests still haven't been done
Senator Gerard Rennick

Genotoxicity tests still haven't been done - why not? - Senate Estimates 8.11.22

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elizabethfaria 2 months ago

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Because they are all complicit to the genocide of the non-Cult people with clot-shots. All the Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs that push for the vaccines get the vaccine passports taking the placebos which were exposed by many in the know.
The ugly, treacherous soul-fragments have been allowed to show their true colors of murderous-intent and conspiracy to kill and genocide their own species.
They pretend within their small-minds that their brainchip takes away their free-will to resist the demands of their devils haunting their hivemind-heads.
The Creator-God gives everyone the power to choose and these thUgs choose to murder and that changes their very souls... whether collectively or individually they are all now in a state of spiritual decay as they snicker at the dying sheeple.

These pathetic thUgs imagine that their hivemind will have the ability to upload their minds into A.i. They imagine that their physical body is just a mere vessel that can be tossed away for a robotic body and neural-net mind. Very big error because the choice to murder and genocide is the ending of their ugly show. The non-Cult people are going to make a new courts system to put on trial all these treacherous, murderous thUgs who think Homo capensis will save their ugly minds for their promised trip to the stars as cyborgs and individualized A.i. algorithms. It amazes me that Freemasons can gloat at how smart they all are compared to the sheeple and yet they destroy themselves in the end out of selfrighteous greed. Even their personalities are effectively destroyed beyond spiritual usefulness... and yet they prance about gloating that they have made the wiser choice to genocide the sheeple. But the sheeple have not destroyed their selves, you see. They are multidimensional and will survive physical death just like I have so many times evading the death wishes of so many thUgs. Only a Freemason will know what I am talking about in surviving so many assassination attempts, but the Sethbooks explain that death is an illusion and that murderous thUgs cannot harm another's soul. I have been educated by evading this Assassin's Sect's every effort, I have even laughed at my painful survival,
But what is most painful to witness is the treachery that so many human beings can be so heartless to their fellow man, fellow woman and even child and infants... heartless ugly minds that expect to be "saved" as a reward.
Homo capensis will simply laugh and spit at their treacherous minions when their time comes. There will be no reward for the sell-outs within our species... just horrified thUgs realizing their devils tricked them all into collectively destroying their selves. It seems, you cannot warn them... they must experience their own failed souls.

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