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Australia - Covid-19 is a total SCAM, Melbourne lockdown

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Published on 01 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

WAKE UP AUSTRALIA. You are being SCAMMED with psychological fear and panic and suffering by corrupt Australian Governments under the control of Global Pharmaceutical Corporations. There is no Pandemic. There is no Epidemic. Literally, 'nobody' is dying. Old Age co-morbidity deaths are being 'stolen' as caused by Covid-19. The RT/PCR test is an utter scam, testing for RNA fragments common to all living creatures including pawpaws, goats and birds. We need independent Australian Scientific Inquiry into this Corporate Plandemic to vaccinate the World, make trillions of dollars and totally control the World's People forever. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA. Germany now is investigating via The COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee - see Let's do the same in Australia.

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Dave Ratcliffe
Dave Ratcliffe 2 years ago

Thank you for this clear, coherent, succinct explanation of the upside-down world humanity has been dragged into by fear merchants.

Pandemic Parallax View - at - was inaugurated in early April. It is a reflection of the work of a group of correspondents collaborating to broadcast and promulgate vital, Life-affirming research, reporting, analysis, and information being censored, distorted, ignored, denied, and dismissed by Corporate/Foundation/State-sponsored monetized media.

In "New Censorship Czars: Tech Titans Aim to Restrict Access to Information in the Vaccine Debate", Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children's Health Defense writes (30 July 2020):

History will record that, in 2020, it was men who called themselves “liberal” who lead the clamor for censorship.... In early 2019, Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff asked the CEOs of Google, Facebook, and Amazon to censor “vaccine misinformation”, a euphemism for any statement that departs from official declarations by Pharma and its captured regulatory officials. Each of these Silicon Valley tyrants is partnered in rich deals with vaccine makers. They were therefore delighted to comply. Today they openly silence the tragic stories of American mothers of vaccine-injured children and all other unapproved criticism of pharmaceutical products.

Where does Adam Schiff think this will end? Does he imagine Bill Gates as a friend of liberty? In one short moment, the worm will turn. To Schiff, I paraphrase St. Thomas Moore’s query: “When you have obliterated the First Amendment to get at the Devil, and the Devil then turns on you, then where will you hide?”

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