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Australia Courts & Bar Massive Corruption Exposed

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Published on 10 Jan 2023 / In People and Blogs


began exposing the Freemasonic-Luciferians back in 2002 handing out CDs throughout Western Canada.
In 2006, the Freemasons discovered me and began trying to capture me for secret incarceration and likely assassination if nobody noticed my disappearance.
My Father was an ostracized Freemason... likely refusing some blood-oath to harm his own children if the Cult demanded it. He was tortured with energy weapons which was meant to make him see mentally ill.
As a teen ager I did not join Demolay because I did not like to be blindfolded in the basement of the local Freemasonic Lodge.

In 2007, the Freemasonic assassins put a heart-attack drug in some food I left on the car seat... injected when I was not looking. The drug compressed my heart muscles so my heart stop beating and just quivered for 4 days... I could not stand-up and walk for 4 days. I took the evidence of the poisoned food to the police and the Sargent just laughed at me and said I was a very unique guy.

In 2007, I was brainchipped as a Manchurian candidate by the Freemasons where I have been resisting but secretly railroaded by handlers(thUgs) with the brainchip helping them. The brainchip can actually bio-robot remote-control the human body without any memory of being a Manchurian candidate.

During 2022 the brainchip was inducing insomnia for 7 days straight, on multiple occasions. My freemsonic sister backstabbed me by calling the police on me while I was outside her house. Now, a psychiatry quack is trying to force me into taking injections of some pharmaceutical poison.

What is important is that everyone realizes that these brainchips have been secretly implanted into 10s of thousands of sleeper bio-robots throughout Canada and likely millions throughout the world. My website exposing this was banned earlier this year when I tried to help XtremeRealityCheck relized her prophetic dreams were actually brainchip-induced... they were run by A.i. and the brainchip covertly installed into her head, too.
That website is locked-down from viewing so it can be seen by downloading the small site here: just open index.html


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