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Arizona Activists Call Out Do-Nothing Establishment Republicans

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Published on 23 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Friday September 17, 2021 a luncheon was hosted by the John Birch Society in Mesa Arizona. Many of the top power brokers, establishment Republicans, and large donors to the Republican Party were in attendance. During the lunch, a presentation was made a Constitutional scholar on the importance of leveraging political tools available to state representatives to resist tyranny from the Federal Government by way of the nullification process.

Just as the presentation was wrapping up, several people of interest scurried out of the room, in what seemed to be an attempt to elude conversation with others in the room.

Gubernatorial candidate, former US Congressman, Matt Salmon left the room, leaving his wife by herself. Interestingly, Matt Salmon ran for Governor previously in 2002, losing to Janet Napolitano by merely 10,000 votes (in one of the reddest states at the time). Warren Peterson, State Senator LD-12 (R) was seen whispering with Matt Salmon before they both slipped out. Jeff Olsen, who serves on the Corporation Commission also left early.

Ken Bennet, the Senate Liaison of the 2020 Arizona audit & previous Secretary of State of Arizona is seen at the beginning of this video.

As Ken Bennet was attempting to scurry out of the room, businessman & former US Senate candidate Daniel McCarthy confronted Bennet on his involvement with the Arizona audit, which McCarthy believes has been a attempt to distract the public from the greater issue at hand, which is election integrity.

Other people of interest who remained in the room through the scheduled presentation hour were:
Verl Farnsworth: former mayoral candidate & local activist (R)
Rep. John Fillmore: AZ State Representative LD 16 (R)
General Michael McGuire: General for the National Guard of AZ Current US Senate candidate (R)
Rep. Jacqueline Parker: AZ State Representative LD 16 (R)
Jim O'Conner: Elected board member of Corporations Commission (R)
Steve Gaynor: Gubernatorial candidate (R)
Bryan Masche: Gubernatorial candidate (R)

A confrontation broke out between Daniel McCarthy alongside Steve Daniels, President of the Patriot Party of Arizona PAC as they confronted elected representatives in the room -- many of whom currently hold public office and many of whom are doing nothing to secure Arizona elections ahead of the 2022 midterms.

An article was written about this incident in the Arizona Central:

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