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Archangel Michael - Activation with Light Language

The Human Collective
Published on 30 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

Hello beautiful souls
This is the first in my series of 'Activations with the Archangels'.
I am creating this series to encourage and assist us in getting to know the Archangels more fully, so that we can work with them on our own healing path and in co-creating a peaceful, more uplifted world.
As a protector and guide upon the path of awakening, the beloved Archangel Michael is a powerful ally. Listening to this activation will build or strengthen your connection with him and help you to embody his divine attributes, further empowering the light warrior within you.

It's best to listen with headphones in a quiet space, also be sure to attune your energies to that of the crystal grid, in order to receive the extra activation it gives, and remember to listen with your heart, not your mind.

The beautiful music, The Master of Light, is channeled from an Angelic being of light called Thaddeus, and is used with permission. You can access more of Thaddeus' music here:

Thanks so much for listening...Repeat as often as you'd like to. May this help you to connect beautifully with archangel Michael, and to become your best, most empowered self x

Donations to this channel are welcomed with much gratitude;

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