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APOCALYPSE in CHINA Again!! Severe Huge Sandstorm Engulfs City in China

Sohailshaik - 166 Views
Published on 28 Jul 2021 / In Film and Animation

#NorthwestChina #SandStorm #SandstorminChina

APOCALYPSE in CHINA Again!! Severe Huge Sandstorm Engulfs City in China. A heavy sandstorm with dust clouds towering at least 100 metres (330ft) high caused chaos in the ancient Silk Road city of Dunhuang in northwestern China. The storm struck at about 3pm on July 25, 2021, forcing local police to enforce traffic controls at toll gates and order drivers to get their vehicle off expressways and into service areas to wait out the storm. Dunhuang is home to the Mogao Grottoes, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and is located in the Gobi Desert and known for its harsh climate and living conditions.

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