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Published on 29 Oct 2020 / In Gaming

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

You can stand in the Distance, or you can Join the Battle: too Save Humanity

Had I only knew that EUGENICS did not have to be an evil, and that we the people could heal and become ONE once again in an Ideology of HUMAN UNITY where Flags no longer Made The LAWS, and we the Children of our {Moms and Dads} no longer had to kill and murder one another in WAR GAMES: called WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against The RULE of LAW, and ORDER for we humans of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones… However, since the END of the MUD FLOOD WARS in our Post Mud Flood World, we the Children of [Humanity] @QBALL /_\ have been Raised by nonhumans from the Other Side of the World in this Celestial Sphere “known” as Incubus and Succubus whom are Doppelgangers, and they use the same Body Temple Avatars as {WE THE PEOPLE} [{**}] from this side of FLAT EARTH…

There is still much PROOF of the World before WORLD WAR ONE’ that you would think with Moving Graven Images on our 2DHD 3D-CGI Virtual Reality “Hologrpix” TV Screens, we could watch them OLD MOVIES and NEWS REALS from 1907 to the End of WORLD WAR ONE, not to mention all the TELEVISION from {1933 to 1945} what seems to have been BURNED UP IN FIRES.?.?.? Did not the whole Planet of this Celestial Sphere have many Leagues Of Nations??? Did not anyone think to PROTECT the News Papers of {WW1 and WW2} [{*}] for we have tons of INFORMATION on WW3 that was started in the KOREAN WAR in the 1950’s when the U.N. FLAG took down that Nation, and turned it into The North “against” The South just as happened THEY SAY on their {NEWS} World Order control of all books, magazines, radio shows to media screens that there was a “CIVILIAN” WAR in the 1800’s…

Now, I do not know how the CITIZENS of these 50 States that fought this WAR by Civilians, but somehow they Took out the Military of the North and The South, and then created this Abomination of Desolation known as the “U.N. Military” that Tells all 50 States in the USA what and where WE THE PEOPLE of our 50 STATES FLAGS whom [we can] / * \ talk to.?.?.?, if we are allowed to Touch one another.?.?.?.?, and will we be “allowed” too HAVE Children, and continue our Blood Lines no matter what our Sex Organs Look like: be they Male and Female…. I was raised by the TV Screens, and they said: Your Skin Tone is the Problem, then Your Eye “Colour” is the Problem, and then YOUR HAIR IS TOO BLACK, so you are just {not accepted} +=+ as special compared to the NON-BLACK HAIR only people??? However, it was actually about what your Pecker “looked like” and the shape of your Pussy Lips, and that SEX was now BANNED in all “U.N. TROOPS” of this U.N. FLAGS MILITARY EMPIRE, so WE “humans” dare not Repopulate our world that is dying…

I don’t pay no attention to these FREE MASON Lodges, and Their Doctors, Their Teachers, Their Judges, Their JAILS for I am a nonmason, and I will spread “my seed” with as many wombmen that I can give “the gift” of PREGNANCY……., and there are issues with the Size of the Penis, and the “Look” of the Vagina, but what I care about is the Health of the Flesh, and Blood, and Bones PERSONS born of them, and their “ability” too learn Big Words, and use them WORDS whence they speak, and the “health” of the WOMB that gives birth to we humans be we MALE and FEMALE, and that without Sexual Intercourse, I would have never been born, and without PROTECTORS, my mind would be as useless {as the many} whom watch PORN day in and Day Out, but have never “held” another REAL PERSON in their arms, nor talked to them as a LOVER… If this is my only life, than, I will find [the way] too have Romance, and Children, and Raise them well…

Johnny Exodice

For all the TV SHOWS about this or that, we never say: Does the Shape and “Size” of the Penis determine the health of the child no matter our Skin Tone??? If the Type of Penis you have DOES create the Health of Our Children, then [It is something] too be looked at, and compare the shape, and length, and type of SEXUAL ORGAN, and this does so too apply to {The Style} of the Female FLOWER for we do not want “Children” born of The Womb that can not see, can not hear, and can not think!!!

The Society of nonmason~

You might say: It is cruel to say the Type of Sexual Member you have “does” DETERMINE the health of the Children, but then again, why did these “nonhumans” from the WORLD OF THE DEAD in the Old Testament turn Our Blue Eyes Brown, Our Light Skin Dark, and MADE the Peoples hair a PERMANENT BLACK??? For ONLY 8% of this side of FLAT EARTHS [Human] Population has BLUE EYES Regardless of Skin tone and Hair Color, and only 2% remain of the Blond Hair BLUE EYED People, and only 1% of the Red Hair {Green Eyed} People remain throughout the Whole Wide World, and these matters do not concern “you” when 5G Eugenics and Alchemy was done, so we would no longer [know] all Human Blood is Related???

The Sentinel...


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