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@apfns Resident Evil 3 Remake on XboxOne Restream2020-12-31 04-39-13_x264.mp4

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Published on 02 Jan 2021 / In Gaming

Last game i got in 2020 Res Evil 3 Remake!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 16 days ago

Teacher…, why is the world of these MASONS Lodges so Deplorable.?.?.? The Mason are what we would call The Damned, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, and since we [at this time] are Trapped on the NORTHERN Hemisphere of FLAT EARTH in our “Celestial Sphere” while The Masons have access to the INNER EARTH, and the Portals to the SOUTHERN Hemisphere of FLAT EARTH in this Bubble we all live in called: PLANT EARTH that is not flying through Million and Billions of STARS in Space, then we must “conclude” that all These MASONS, and those they do so fear, are either MACHINE PEOPLE with no access to Compassion, Kindness, or Mercy, but are more Akin to whatever these THINGS were in the {Old Testament Gospels} from the Bible whom God that we now know means “The Spirits” watched the MASONS Shoot the Moon with their ICBM NASA Rockets till the Blood of the MOON that [Black Water] Mixed with the Black Goo of the Earth Veins… It is evident that Magic and Sorcery and Talking to the Dead in the O.T. was “forbidden” by the G.O.D. of the Bible aka Meaning DO NOT PRACTICE The Dark Arts…….., and now that we know this Biblical (Book of Books) had to be written in CODE so only I The Oracle for the End of an Age would be Able to decipher it: where WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is against our God, and our Laws of all PEOPLE on Planet Earth….. These MASONS want to do WAR IS MURDER, and they want to be “Worshiped” as WAR HERO for doing Their Racka to WE THE PEOPLE, and there was a TIME [all people] Spoke English……., yet it was the “Ancestors” of these MASON Lodges that Blew up the {whole wide world} in their MUD FLOOD WARS… These MASONS lie about everything……..., and it is they whom are doing this [A LIE AGREED UPON] Called COVID19 that is just JADE HELM 15 continuing “perorations” spoken in CODE’ for their People are from the Other Side of this FLAT EARTH known in MASONIC CODE spoken: As Above / So Below…


In the OLD TESTAMENT “Gospels” it is these people called the Chaldean's whom are today's MODERN Walking Talking [MASONS] in our Virtual Reality “Holographix” Waking DREAM we all share` where we are all too be Judged whence we die: be we MASON or nonmason…..., but other then MASONS and NONMASONS there is no other “Kingdoms” in the Book of REVELATION…


Now these MASONS use Intimidation – FEAR – Brutality too mention ‘just a Few’ of their unscrupulous Military {Tac-Ticks} with their U.N. FLAG…., and its WHO and IMF {NEWS} World Order…., and did not I Christ Jesus 1.0 in the NEW TESTAMENT Gospel spake: You will “know” these MASONS by their Ways.?.?.? They want the Best Seats in Their Religions??? They will live like {Kings and Queens} as Presidents..., Popes.., Imams., and these FAKE JEWISH “Rabbi” from the Book of REVELATION?????


Once you know those whom attend these RELIGIONS of their {Masonic Lodges} that live in your home town and break bread with you; then you my nonmason know [They Live] are the WEAKEST Links in their U.N. Troops whom have “infiltrated” every Police Force, Military, Religion, and Government, not to mention all these (Schools of Thoughts) saying: The Corona is no longer the Common Cold, and you will allow These Man Made HOSPITALS to inject “cures” called Poison into your flesh and blood and bones “with” the MARK OF THE BEAST From the Book of Revelation, so these Anti-Christ, or [Anti-Human] from the Other Side of the WORLD called the Southern Hemisphere shalt and wilt always RULE THIS side of FLAT EARTH known as The Northern Hemisphere in our shared {Yin and Yang} Celestial Sphere!!!

You my people and Children of Pak-Toe are the [PRODUCTS] of Sexual Engagement, and these MASON have said in their Religions: SEX IS EVIL!!! Sex is The “SIN” that you my people and children are Born Of.?.?.?.? and yet, whom rapes our Children too death in their Church's, Mosk, and Synagogues of S.A.T.A.N. these PizzaGATE “Satanist” known as MASONS from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH whom have their Doppelganger People from the OTHER SIDE of our {2 sided} FLAT EARTH that are “entrenched” in our POLICE – Military – Religions – Schools of Thoughts, and all U.N. FLAGS as U.N. Troops, and we The Commoner U.N. [nonmason] Citizens are told to Obey – Comply – Submit to these FREE MASON (U.N. Citizens) whom live off of ALL our fucking Taxes and Religious Donations whom HATE us their [nonmason] Fellow Citizens on this Side of FLAT EARTH, and they will NEVER allow we the people of the NORTHERN Hemisphere in the Book of REVELATION to be {free of them} from the SOUTHERN Hemisphere invading Army of Our Shared Celestial Sphere in that: Book of REVELATION where we can, and shalt, and wilt “Establish” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition!!!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!

† ///|||\\\ Ω

The Rag Tag Rebellion of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

We Are Revelation… We do NOT forgive…. WE DO NOT COMPLY!!!! Game Over~

We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!

Remember, Remember, The 5th of December where we nonmason on both sides of FLAT EARTH Remember our nonmason dead butchered, murdered, and killed, by these FREE MASON WAR HERO’S of their U.N. Troops and their U.N. FLAGS…

Flowers instead of Flags….

The Society of nonmason~


I stand to the light, and it does not consume me... I stand to the Darkness, and it does not Blind me... https://johnnyexodices.wordpre....ss.com/2021/01/02/i- via @wordpressdotcom There are only TWO KINGDOMS in the book of REVELATION: Masons and Nonmasons. The Book of Exodice. #COVAXXED † ///|||\\\ Ω

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