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Antifa crashes Calgary health-care worker vaccine mandate protest

TwoFeather - 229 Views
Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Members of Antifa in Calgary crashed a protest held in part by health-care workers (along with their supporters) who are opposed to Alberta Health Services' vaccine mandate policy. After many in the media and political class raised concerns over the protest, it was the group of Antifa that showed up to counter-protest that brought violence and noise disruption to the area near the hospital.

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Theroadtroll 29 days ago

Rip the mask it's FBI or cop

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Theroadtroll 29 days ago

10 douche bags bullies 1000 people.twilight zone sht

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Theroadtroll 29 days ago

Circle them with pigs in there too.cops are protecting them and this is why it continues.antifa will get one of the cops gun and shoot one of these times.give them all they want plus intrest

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TwoFeather 29 days ago

government is NOT stopping pantiefa because pantiefa works for government
government hires pantiefa to Disrupt your protest against government

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Drumking 30 days ago

I don't really know what to say to this. the only time I have ever seen something like this was in a history book. antifa = brownshirts.

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