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Anti Lockdown Demonstration 23 Oct 2020 Melbourne - Police brutality - Democracy in ruins

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Published on 26 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

In this video you'll see a passionate crowd yelling and chanting.
You'll also see a tall guy pacing up and down between the crowd and the police line.
You see a young fella with curly hair also pacing around and then he turns his back to the police and signals to the crowd when he sees that the police is about to pounce.
At that very instant the police charge and arrest the speaker. Why do "our" police think this is necessary when a demonstration is peaceful?
I've been to many demonstrations in my life and never was this done before. Why does "our" police need to slam a person to the ground when there is no resistance?

There were also some suspicious characters in the crowd.
My wife has an incredible sixth sense about this. One of them grabbed my shoulder and tried to push me towards the police.
One can't help wonder whether BLM/Antifa is involved.
One can't help wonder whether the police have some undercover cops in the crowd to set up the arrest ?

Would anything surprise us about "our" police force these days ?
Could anyone have dreamed that "our" Vic Pol would one day arrest people for holding up an Australian flag?
Could anyone have imagined that "our" Vic Pol would use imported private riot squads at peaceful rallies ?
Could anyone have imagined that "our" Vic Pol would arrest a petit pregnant woman in front of her kids for promoting a protest rally?
Could anyone have imagined that "our" Vic Pol would arrest old ladies for resting on a park bench and snatch their mobile phones?

Could anyone have imagined that our MILITARY would stand by and allow a Victorian "premier" to usher in socialism and totalitarianism into Australia ?

Why don't the police, that have a heart, tell their association president Wayne Gatt, that they no longer want to take part in this brutality ?

Could anyone have imagined that an Australian "Prime Minister" would allow all this to happen under his nose and not do anything about it ?

If anyone thinks this is all about a virus, then they don't actually know how to think.

Is it actually possible that the Andrews "government" is actually that stupid and incompetent ?

When a situation doesn't make any sense at all, how can one not be suspicious ?

Is the mainstream media that dumb that they can't see that there is a bigger agenda at play?

Why are our unions dead silent? Are they really on the side of the people ? They used to be.
I saw a post recently showing Trades Hall in Lygon St with a massive Anti Dan banner draped in front of the building. I found this incredibly hard to believe so I had to see for myself after the demonstration. My suspicion was right; no such banner. Someone had obviously photoshopped the picture.

Why are all our celebrities silent ?
Why are brave social media individuals in Sydney and Queensland fighting for the Victorian people but our "Prime Minister" is doing nothing ?

Why is our "Attorney General" telling us that we can challenge our fines in court but she doesn't insist that her boss Dictator Dan stop the issuing of unlawful infringements ?

Is there not one MP in the government that can see the pain that millions of Melbournians are in ?

This country is going to shit and Dan has volunteered for Victoria to be the first domino.

Our diggers, who died to protect our freedoms and human rights, are turning in their graves all over the world.

And yet supposedly more than 60% of Victorians support this fucking lunacy !

Our "Queen" is sitting on her throne watching "Great Brittain" and her Commonwealth in chaos.

Her representative in Victoria's Government House is sitting idly by while the lives of so many of her people are bring ruined.

How can you not think there is something very fishy going on.

God help us !

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Tessa Cunningham
Tessa Cunningham 1 month ago

Maybe you guys should burn and loot, here in the US they say that is mostly peaceful protesting and the cops don't seem to bother them.

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