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Angry Albertan Sovereigns are making a big move... Employers are cracking down. The stress is at an all time high

true conservative minutes
Published on 24 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Angry Albertan Sovereigns are making a big move... Employers are cracking down. The stress is at an all time high

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James Ross
James Ross 21 days ago

You have yet to realize that there is a secret WWIII being conducted by the Mystery School Cult that JFK and William Cooper died trying to expose and defy... and this is where everyone begins to learn about their inner power

Now it is our turn to defy the thUg-network. I started defying them in 2002 producing thousands of CDs and handing them out in Calgary, BC, and SK
The only time that the "profane" decided to awaken to the horrors of these Freemasonic monsters is once they started dying... so now the sheeple are beginning to awaken... I could not awaken the people before the mass genocide started. Even after April1st, 2020 the people could not understnd my Anti Secret Society Movement they had to start dying before they would stop and think critically.

Now, I am warning about the brainchip hivemind and the freemasonic rebuilt tower of Babel

We non-Cult-Sworn people have been purposely been un-educated but tricked that we were being educated... lies being taught to university students is de-education. Gullible graduate come out of university a bit more dilutional than before entering. You see the Freemasonic Cult of the Mystery School control what the "profane" learn.

For example, who is Homo capensis?
Homo sapiens are a hybrid of them and likely Homo erectus and that is why humans do not fit into Earth Primate tree. Our species has been spliced as an experiment to revitalize the genetics of Homo capensis, but the experiment failed and we became our own species instead... by the grace of Nature.
Now just like Calgarians would not pay any attention to my cds very few people will pay any attention to my warning s to buy a scanner to identify the brainchip hivemind army of murderous thUgs who are pirating the Angry Albertans. This will likely be the case until the brainchip-zombies and brainchip-biorobots begin roaming the streets eating starving people. They are controlled through the microwave-grid.
My comment is getting too long...

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ziggy784 22 days ago

99% of Your Problems are from (1) TRIBE.the ✡✡✡ KOSHER CLUB✡✡✡ behind the scenes Destroying the planet.Google 'noahide laws' in USA

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