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Anarcho-Tyranny Exposed: Law Abiding Citizens Treated Worse Than Lawless Criminals

Infowars - 64 Views
Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Dan Lyman of Infowars Europe and Border Hawk joins Owen for a serious conversation about the anarcho-tyranny being used against the people world-wide.

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Theroadtroll 28 days ago

They used to drag the be king's out if their palaces and behead them.police are puppets for authority.they made their beds

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love2carlos 30 days ago

Not all from Africa are Bad Human Beings....especially South Africa.....There are millions of Christians and good Human Beings fighting constantly and every day for Human Rights and Common fact we stand together with the USA, Canada, Australia ,New Zealand, UK, Brazil and all other democratic Countries in this ongoing fight to save the Good Human Beings against the SATANIC CABAL ,GOVERNMENTS, BIG CORPORATIONS AND PHARMA

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