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Organic Food Will Be Eliminated....
Patrick Budrionis

Americans Are Still Tricked by The Biggest Fib in Food History.

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Published on 07 Jun 2023 / In News and Politics

I made this because butter is way too divisive. It's time for the full story.

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0:00 Butter: Friend or foe?
0:40 Lower your shoulders
1:14 This article changed it all
4:21 My Opinion
5:15 The saturated fat rumor
6:44 One of the most controversial studies of all time
8:09 The problem with the study
9:55 The truth about sat fat and butter
10:55 The big butter comparison
12:48 The advice we got
13:45 Why do we do put these oils in our food?
14:23 The big takeaway

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Organic Food Will Be Eliminated....
Patrick Budrionis