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#AmericanJournal HR1: The Inauguration Of Joe Biden - A Funeral For America!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 296 Views
Published on 20 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

⁣#AmericanJournal HR1: The Inauguration Of Joe Biden - A Funeral For America!

⁣The American Journal (Hour 1) - Commercial Free - 1-20-21
Patriots need to regroup and gameplan to politically defeat the globalist takeover. This is the Wednesday broadcast of The American Journal with your host Harrison Smith. On today’s worldwide transmission we will be covering the Biden/Harris inauguration and taking your phone calls.

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Irving Risch
Irving Risch 1 month ago

This is the worst video you ever did. I think you are going to lose all your viewers. If everything you say is true, then God has just started pouring out his wrath on America because of its sin. It is not Trump's fault, He was fighting for us, but he was fighting alone. But if you are wrong then I believe you have not seen the end yet. He is to much of a fighter to give up on us. He said in his last speech, "I will be back." and I believe him.

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expat1689 1 month ago

Let see how Infowars viewership will now decrease

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allert1 1 month ago


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danni 1 month ago

How you default to whats easiest & jump on the poop flinging pile. So a mustard seed size of FAITH is too much to ask for. You coward.

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