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American Sunrise GOP Leadership Extra CEO Of Right Life Media Luke Ball

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Published on 05 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

American Sunrise with Ed Henry, Karyn Turk, and Terrance Bates Jan 4th, 2023

With an independent fast-paced look at the day’s headlines, American Sunrise provides a fresh start to your weekday. Whether it’s breaking news, politics, commentary, or national weather – start each weekday morning RIGHT with hosts Ed Henry, Karyn Turk, and Terrance Bates.

Leah and Michele filled in the Wednesday January 4th, 2023 time slot of American Sunrise with solving questions about the Republican Split on House Speaker. Old Guard or Jim Jordan New Young Blood. Seems President Trump and the Establishment have their plans already in Play. But the American people Are taking the lead. Two Horses in this Race the Old Guard the Established players. But the American People have put themselves as a horse in the race and it is pulling ahead, taking leadership of the GOP. President Trump you've been out of the minds of the people since 2019 when you destroyed all the rights of the People with Fauci and the Deep State Counterfeiting Murderous Foreign Traitors, London, DC, Vatican, IMF and the Community of 300, Klaus Schwab, Quantum Financial System, Elon Musk 47,000 Satellites, Darpa Warp Speed, etc. All destroying American and shackling the People. Since 1913. Progressives lead by Satanic Demons. The Red Dragon. The American people are now very Independent Individual Free Men by the power of God now. They have no leader but Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit of Almighty God. We remember what happened to the January J6'ers you did nothing but set them up along with millions who have been murdered by Hospital Protocols, so you could add fear and spend trillions of this counterfeited money, buying off people. Millions World Wide murdered and badly injured by the snake poison of witchcraft and wizards you put through quickly. Old as time used by magicians, Snake poisoning, counterfeiters of money, alchemist, James 5:1-7. Only Real gold and silver coins are money.

Extra footage of Ceo Of Right Life Media Luke Ball : President Trump, McCarthy, Fauci, Patriot Act, Spying on American citizens and poisoning the minds of the people. MKUltra on the people Mass Psychosis.

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