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America's Pluto Return | Alchemical Transformation | The Trust

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Published on 06 Dec 2021 / In Spiritual

In this video I discuss Americas Pluto return and an Alchemical transformation that will grab your attention. We are all heading into a path of self discovery and an explosive transformation process. The first step in the alchemical idea is the concept of Calcination - The burning desire to get rid of what no longer serves us.

For your research:

Based not only those earlier Pluto returns of both Rome and England but on what we already see happening in the U.S., it’s also safe to say we can expect to see a growing mood of social unrest in the country—possibly bordering on a civil war-type atmosphere. Notice I said “type.” Do I personally believe that could result in an actual “civil war,” with neighbors shooting and attacking each other? While even a few politicians have hinted at that possibility, I think that’s highly unlikely. But there’s little question there will be strong—and potentially violent—emotions bubbling up to the surface these next few years. What could possibly trigger such an extreme level of anger and unrest? #transformation #alchemy #trust


You Know Something is Wrong When......


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