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America's Food Supply Fertilized with Human Remains and Coated with Nanoparticles. Not the First Time This has Been Reported.

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Published on 17 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

America's Food Supply Fertilized with Human Remains and Coated with Nanoparticles. Not the First Time This has Been Reported.

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America's Food Supply Fertilized with Human Remains and Coated with Nanoparticles


The FDA has allowed nanoparticles into the food supply under the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) provision, because they claim that they are no more dangerous than their larger counterparts.

Titanium is generally safe, therefore, nano titanium must be safe. But they also admit that, "Materials can exhibit new or altered physicochemical properties at nanoscale dimensions," including unknown safety hazards that they will continue to monitor for.

In other words, the human trials for consumable nanotechnology is currently happening in the public without their knowledge.
Nanoparticles can be absorbed into our immune defense system and into our bloodstream.

Just like the FDA admits, materials at the nanoscale can cause unknown changes in a person's biological system.

Animal studies have proven that nanoparticles are changing the way our bodies absorb certain minerals, such as iron.

FDA chemist, Timothy Duncan wrote that nanotechnology in the food supply is being held back, because the food supply industry is afraid of public backlash and argues that nanotechnology will somehow make food healthier.

The FDA is far more concerned with pushing more of these experimental nanoparticles into the food supply than they are with safety.

Like they said about giving the dangerous experimental vaxxine to your kids, "We're never gonna to learn about how safe the vaxxine is until we start giving it."

At least 20 products are adding nanoparticles into their ingredients and they are getting ready to coat bananas in new nanotech.

But companies are not required to disclose nano-sized ingredients, so we don't know how prevalent it is.

Along with being a proponent of population reduction, forced-vaccinations, and genetically-modified foods, Bill Gates is also the biggest private farm owner in America.

Does anyone doubt for a second that Bill Gates is allowing this dangerous nanotech the FDA is pushing for into America's food supply?

In related news, 10 out of the 19 states in which Gates own farmland, along with at least another ten have recently made it legal to dispose of human bodies into the municipal water supply, allowing human remains to be added to biosolids-sourced fertilizer.

It's called "alkaline hydrolysis" and is referred to in pop culture as being "very, very green."

Spiritual leaders have strongly objected to alkaline hydrolysis, because they say it is disrespectful to the human body, the vessel of a divine soul and it's understandable why they say this.

In alkaline hydrolysis, the human body is liquefied with lye and poured down the sewer to mix in with the community's excrement.

And if that weren't bad enough, this biosludge is then collected from municipal water treatment plants and used as so-called fertilizer on factory farms.

The official excuse is that it saves the government money for expensive toxic waste disposal.

Meanwhile, we are all being sold food that has been grown with a toxic biosludge made of human remains and excrement, which is then loaded with new and strange nanotechnology.

Interestingly, the dystopian movie, Soylent Green took place in 2022.

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