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#AlexJonesShow HR4: Democrats Cancel 4th of July as America Awakens to the Chinese-Funded Civil War!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 246 Views
Published on 01 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Meanwhile, in middle America, the sleeping giant is rising! Watch and share this

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, now that you know 5G EUGENICS were used to change The Human People into different Minority Reports for this DEBT SLAVE world we nonmason find ourselves beholden to FREE MASON Lodge Members in all U.N. FLAG CORPORATIONS, and now that you do so know Asian are WHITE PEOPLE with BLACK HAIR ONLY……., and The Darkest of Pupils, and as we have learned much from watching all them Videos on The Impossible Channel on U-tube where he does so have “A Reflection” of a Baby in the Mirror move INDEPENDENT of the Holographic Child in this Realm we all live….., do so tell me how “2D Programs” would work their way into our 3D Reality as they took over the SOLID BLACK EYES and too See with.?.?, the Ears to Hear With.?.?.?, and all the other senses WE Biological [do so love] /_\ as these SOLID BLACK EYES share our bodies…….., and have been able as INDEPENDENT {A.I. BOTS} [{**}] too become appreciative of what WE HUMANS call Thoughts on Independence in EMOTION – DANCE – and Autonomy???? WE do know we live inside a “CUBE” +=+ that is the CPU for our SIMULATION world of Purgatory called THE GREAT WORK…..., and we “do know” that THE GAME will come to an end in the Year of 2094 C.E. when the last “Celestial Being” in these TEMPORARY Temporal Human looking Body Temple Avatars are REMOVED from this Celestial Sphere… Theretofore, what people would be best at making the TV Hollow People known as “Androids” / * \ in this Realm..., and who were The Chaldean.., The Tartarians., the Phonetician……., the ROMANS………, and The Greeks.?.?.?.?.? What if I told you the ASIAN of White People called Chinese in our TIME LINE are all the Same GENETIC MAKE UP with there very Strict Prototypical of [Block Chain] Manuscripts… Do not the ASIAN have the most hard core SLAVE TYPE world view where Asians, and too be Certain “The Chinese” write in BLOCKS with their Computer Glyph and Cygals??? Do not the Chinese of MADE IN CHINA always DO AS YOU ARE TOLD?????, and have no appreciative thought on being Your Own Sovereign Person, and has not Trump and Pence the “U.S. Government” of the UNITED NATIONS Thrown away the FREE THINKING {White People} [{*}] of HONG KONG over to the ROBOTIC EVIL CHINESE EMPIRE!!!! Do not the Japanese make Human Robots, but we are told this FLAT EARTH is a BALL, but a Ball would ONLY be our 3D C.G.I. World View???, and not a 2D World “View” where a whole POPULATION has been ABANDONED by Agenda 21 + 30 of the UNITED NATIONS that says FREEDOM of the HUMAN is just one of the U.N. FLAGS Goals???? Why is it surprising to you my People of Pak-Toe that MUD FLOOD China was once the true land of Tartaria until U.N. TROOPS turned all Chinese into WHITE PEOPLE with “Black hair” and Dark Dark Pupils Only.?.?.?, and a Written Word that only A COMPUTER called The EDISON of “Slave Labor” Technology Mechanization could appreciate??? Every U.N. FLAG is working for the A.I. Alliance of Machines doing EUGENICS to our Holographic Hologram Flesh, and Blood, and Bones, and only the Chinese FLAG is on the (U.N. Security) Council of U.N. TROOPS with their ROBOTIC Life Style???, and the other 4 U.N. FLAGS of the U.N. Security Counsel U.N. Military have all [Abandoned] #QANON The Hong Kong People too THE MACHINE PEOPLE of MADE IN CHINE for the End OF THIS AGE…. The Oracle for the End of an age connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction has so spoken… THE BOOK OF EXODICE!!!


LOOK at the White House Hybrid Thesis + Antithesis = “Synthesis” where [she forgot] to cover her WHITE BONE Machine Scalp as a ROBOT!!!!

The Sentinel…


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