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#AlexJonesShow Full: If Biden Wins, Chicoms Will Rule The US- 14 Days to the End of the Republic

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 243 Views
Published on 19 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

Today we have a ton a guests, breaking developments on Hunter Biden's laptop and more

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Atunna Brix
Atunna Brix 1 month ago

Imagine the WORK that will be available to honest people building CAGES for the filth that will be arrested and PROSECUTED for their hateful crimes after President Trump wins in a landslide on Nov 3rd and LAW & ORDER takes hold.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, what can we humans do as these nonhumans and their “hybrid populations” run this side of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere.?.?.? It is evident that WE THE PEOPLE whom know we live in Purgatory, and are Born into Purgatory cannot STOP the TV “Malfeasance” that bleeds into the Internet Pages, the Magazines at the Super Market Checkout, nor the lies of our Preachers, Rabbis, and Imams to name just a few “select words” for these 33rd Degree MASTER MASONS whom tell all other Lower Level “Lacky” Free Masons in their Pyramid Scheme to BOW DOWN to the U.N. Troops in your National Police, and Local Military even though Each Nation has its own CONSTITUTION: it is evident that We The Tax Paying “nonmason” Citizens are not allowed to have Any Say in the Way our Countries are run if we are nonmason (Tax Paying) +=+ Citizens of these U.N. FLAGS!!! That Spoken, we will continue to be A System inside A System……., and when Their RELIGIONS tell we humans to kill our fellow humans…….., we will tell other HUMANS in all “religions” what these FREE MASON CEO’s of WAR IS MURDER have been doing “all along” since the end of the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855 with all our PARENTS Dead Dead Dead, and then these people whom look “just like us” from the other side of The World took over this side of FLAT EARTH……..., and made our “Ancestors” them Incubator Babies…..., where by way of 5G Eugenics….., you would have BLACK HAIR ONLY… Not only that…., these INTERNATIONALIST as they like to call themselves…, made Blue eyes Brown.., and Light Skin Dark., and then only allowed a few males and females to become the DOMINANT Population where you live, so THEY LIVE could use FLAGS to say: These People are Chinese while these People are “Korean” while These People are Japanese when they all have [Slanted Eyes] [{**}] and BLACK HAIR ONLY with those in power ONLY People with {Light Skin} as the Dark Skin Asians are treated just as the American – Canadian – Australian Niggers!!! However, since we are “not” too know Humans were once all ONE PEOPLE, these nonhumans from the {other side} [{*}] of our Celestial Sphere where the SOUTH STAR is the “opposite” of our NORTH STAR on this side of FLAT EARTH, made rules that any person with Brown Eyes was “less” than any person with Blue Eyes… Choose any FLAG on this side of our U.N. FLAT EARTH WORLD MAP……., and what do we see from South America where the DARK SKIN Brown Eyes BLACK HAIR ONLY PEOPLE are as poor as “Cape Town” in South Africa??????, where once again we have DARK SKINS given less education, less ability to grow their own food, and build their own cities, and this GLOBAL CITIZENS Bull Shit of the U.N. says: If you have BROWN EYES and Black Hair Only, then you must “bow down” to the Light Skin MADE IN CHINA Brown Eyes, and Black Hair Only People???? Look at the Militarizes of this U.N. Military Empire, and ask your self this??? WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is “against” the RULE of LAW and ORDER, so whom is making you kill your “fellow” humans except [nonhumans] known as FREE MASON Lodge Members in complete (COVID19) military occupation of our side of FLAT EARTH down here in Purgatory by way of their U.N. {NEWS} World Empire… The Book of EXODICE!!!


You see: It matters not what FREE MASON “Lodge” you belong too, cause you BROWN EYED People are considered [Half Niggardly] @QBALL /_\ by the “BLUE EYES” KKK Free Mason Lodge Members……., and that is why BLUE EYES not “White” People rule this world of Economic Corporate WARS as all FLAGS are Corporations FLAGS from the USA to Russia to The U.K. to France to “China” that are the 5 FLAGS Only allowed to RULE THE {Security Council} / * \ of the U.N. That RULES all other Humans “FLAGS” even we the 50 STATE FLAGS FOR AMERICA be we Brown Eyed or Blue Eyed for we HUMANS are considered less then these “nonhumans” from the other side of the world in this Celestial Sphere!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


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Mad Skills
Mad Skills 1 month ago

We just need to get SkyNet Online....

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