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Covid-19 EXPOSED - Wake Up To The Truth
Slawomir Slowianin

#AlexJonesShow Full: Communist China Declares That The US Will "Not Exist" After Covid Lockdowns

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 533 Views
Published on 30 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

Plus, federal judge reverses ruling, orders voting machine data to be saved, panicking leftists. Our republic is fighting for its life! We the people are the sleeping giant! The time has come to rise up or live on our knees as slaves! - 3

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

What Are YOU Working For???

As I awaken day after day here in Purgatory` a Broken Machine with a Rift in the Milky-way Sky, I do ponder by what reason [of insanity] Qballs~ /_\ these Earth people would build Weapons of such {Colossus Magnitude} [{**}] that they would use a Million Billion “Lazers” all over FLAT EARTH and drill into the DOME OF THE ROCK [to escape] +=+ this place of Rainbows and Summer Time, Leaves that change in wondrous colors called: Autumn and Fall, the many Snow Filled Mountainsides in Winter, and the Renewal and Rebirth of all “living” things in Spring.?.?.? It is evident the MUD FLOOD WARS brought great destruction, and it was a {Great Disaster} when The Angels Fell From Heaven, and We Demons known as the [Human Race] / * \ would Spray our skies with Communist Corporate “Capitalist” Waste saying Social Media and [Zoom Chants] are the FASHION of the day, and as these FAKE PEOPLE with their FAKE LIVES celebrate their “Militant” Religious Government Holly Days of and for LIES Lies lies, I just want too sit by that waterfall and cry…

I have read the works of the Book of EXODICE……., and I have pondered: them many Strange things of the Impossible Channel as Quantum of Consciousness {will not blame} /-\ these FREE MASON for all their Treachery – Sedition – Brutality in all this WAR IS MURDER when Murder is wrong…..., and that makes WAR “is” Wrong cause some countries wanted to Retain their Independent Sovereign Autonomous WAYS….., and since the Children born after [2001 A.D.] do not know how too read…., or even care to look up Big Words..., we have a Generation of “Children” whom can not see that the word RAPTURE is no where [to be found] in these Old Jewish Latin too Greek Hebrew Speaking Holy Bibles… Moreover.., in this MINE CRAFT of magic + code + alchemy = Sorcery where Communism + Fascism * Corporatism = CAPITALISM., we all live off of these TOKENS of Talents “called” The Useless and Worthless Servants of Christ Jesus 1.0 known as these [Nintendo] Mario Brothers Gold and Silver TURTLE Digital COINS…

Maybe you Mason Children whom used to be “nonmason” Children think playing games, and lying about everything makes you better {then we} whom do not lie about everything…….., but in your desires to fulfill The Seven Deadly Sins……..., the only SIN you could and would not [conceive] is the Destruction of your Home World PLANET EARTH with your Fake Space Moon Landings, and all the rest where {You People} get all the Jobs telling All The Lies, and in the end, you all Died Out cause PURGATORY The Great Work is but a Memory and “Reflection” of FOREVER and EVER in the New Testament Teachings, and once you know the {Bad Guys and Gals} in the Bible be they O.T. or N.T. these FAKE JEWS have always been you The Chaldean's of Babylon with your Let us WORSHIP This, and Let us Worship That’ and in your VANITY and “Vogue” Lives from the Book of Job and Ecclesiastes, you must now [conclude] that you MASONS are The Damned, The Cursed, and The Forsaken too never Come Home with me Christ Jesus RETURNED when this {Host of Host} Body does so too die…

Have I not made myself “Perfectly” clear as The Oracle for the End of an Age, that you can not Trick or Treat me into your MIND POWER over {Will Power} that will not and can not save the day???? It is with much regret and dismay FLAT EARTH BRITISH that [wishful] thinking will not Save the Day, and that WAR will happen, digital cash has happened, and this CONSTRUCT will end at 2094 C.E., RESET, and Return WE ALL too the INCUBATOR BABIES in 1893 A.D., and those whom will not take the NARROW PATH that I Christ Jesus “spoke” as the ONLY way out, you and your kind whom cannot “see” that the ONLY WAY to [Win The Game] is to not play the game… From the Commander to the Sentinel……., you the reader must prescribe {what is best} for you as we see these Practitioners, and Physicians, and Doctors whom (do not know) how to HEAL THY SELF!!! Do not be captured by the snares of these 7 Deadly Sins….., You’m [be true] too your Heart…..., and your mind…., and Your Emotional “Connected” Feelings of Self Worth…

Johnny Exodice

It is evident that The Spirits are our [Symbiots] and Guides here in this Holographix Virtual Reality Video Game of Hades and Hell and THE WORLD OF THE DEAD, but in all that, every one whom does this {Finger To The EYE} are not your friends, and if “THEY LIVE” will not work as one too say: The Earth is Flat, this place ain’t Real, and we were all put here as LOST SOULS by the God of Gods, and the King of Kings over Angels and Demons “known” as The Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction, and though I am {too become} the new King of Kings, and God of Gods for the Next Purgatorial Session after this one in the Minuet of The Dance throughout The SPIRAL of Eternity, what will [you do] too see and hear that YOUR Dreams will Convict You, and Reveal to you {the wrongs} that you’m have done throughout your life walk: for have I not shown All knowledge, and Revealed all Mysteries from 1st Corinthians 13, and did I not say: WE HAVE A “NEW” COMMANDMENT in John 13:34, and will I not control [all things] in Heaven and Earth of Mathew 28 when I Christ Jesus RETURNED leave this mortals “corporeal” TEMPORARY Carnal Body????

The Society of nonmason~


Do not allow your EMOTIONS and FEELINGS to be {played with} for even though in Spirit OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition would and “could” Save this Dying Celestial Sphere, this place is only the Inside of that Dead [Holographix] MOON you see day after day in the Mourning to evening to the Twilight of your useless lives under this THE DOME OF THE ROCK, and if you have been touched “by me” known as the Holy Water Spirit where WATER is life, then why have WE THE PEOPLE Poisoned {The Vapors} of the Air that is the WATER we all need to Breath???

The Sentinel…

Remember, Remember, The 5th of December 2020 C.E. where “WE ARE” The REPENTANT will light a Candle too Remember Our Human [nonmason] DEAD……., and we will “Pray” for these MASONS our Enemies that Christ Jesus 1.0 said: Pray for those whom oppress you, beat you, rape you, and all their other “Raca” from MATHEW 5….., and I will bring you HOME whence “you die’ too this World of Insanity, and become a Child of God once More….

The Holy Spirit~


What Are YOU Working For??? https://johnnyexodices.wordpre....ss.com/2020/11/30/wh via
@wordpressdotcom You'm are in PURGATORY....., and your H.U.M.A.N. Machines cannot Kill, nor Murder The God of Gods, and the "King of Kings" of and for {WE ARE} Angels and Demons... The Commander~ #JINX [{**}] Billiards

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Covid-19 EXPOSED - Wake Up To The Truth
Slawomir Slowianin