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Alex Jones Responds to Trump's Ongoing Support of GMO Frankenshots

Infowars - 253 Views
Published on 21 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Alex Jones responds to the video of President Trump and Bill O'Reilly praising the COVID injection.

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Model-Nutty 27 days ago

looks like a pied piper mofo to me at this point.

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Renaud Be
Renaud Be 30 days ago

But is it even the Real Donald Trump, or just another faux-Biden style Trump double, which would certainly explain a lot about all the vaccine flip-flopping over the years, from hesitant, to happy pusher, and the weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, after blaming them for 9/11; Not mentioning campaigning with the energy of a 20-year-old, while in his 70's. One thing is for sure, Don't put all your hopes on whoever calls himself Donald Trump, as the Trump family is heavily invested in the Big Pharma vaccine racket, like if God's given natural immunity is suddenly no longer good enough, and toxic 5G which Trump heavily pushed as well, and weapons manufactures; Trump's Warp Speed botched up vaccine research without proper trial, or vigorous testing, that was all his doing, like a good controlled opposition crook, making it easier for criminal Pharmaceutical companies to push their poison on us all. It seems that whether it was Hillary Vs Trump, or Biden Vs Trump, it was all theater, to set things in motion, to get to this point. For all we know, maybe the real Trump never made it out or into the White House alive, or he's a total sellout from day one. PS: Trump in french "trompe", means deceive.


PS: If I was a moderator in another Faux Biden vs Faux Trump debate, first thing I would do, is grab them both by the hairs, and rip off their masks right on live TV for all to see, those two fakes.

#TrumpOreilly #TrumpVaccine #AlexJones #Infowars #TrumpWarpSpeed #CovidVaccine #CovidVaccineDeaths #CovidVaccineInjuries

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