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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 238 Views
Published on 30 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, you have know that the ESOTERIC World “is in existence” [{**}} just as we in this Reality world of Corporeal TEMPORARY Human Bodies exist…….., but have you taken into [consideration] +=+ that EVIL SPIRITS are the cause of {all illness} and disease…….., for they will not OBEY – COMPLY – SUBMIT to this “Social Distancing” /* \ or 666 FEET Separation at any store or location??? Now……., I do not care what RELIGION you think “owns you” [{*}] from the Koran Bible to the Hindu Bible to the Catholic……, or Mormon….., or Lutheran Bible for what we are seeing is that “Spirits” are Immaterial Immortals…., and they can only hurt “one another” in our Bodies…, and in that` Our Symbiots are the Guides to “get us through” these Dark Days.., and Dark hours where our LEADERS., and Mayors, and City Counsel to the Paramilitaries “of the World” are Possessed by Demonic Entities, and yes, we “can kill” the Flesh and Blood and Bones whom wear COSTUMES known as “Police Uniforms” too the National Guard to all the Private Contracted C.O.P.S. known as G4S “Academi” BLACK WATER and BLACK ROCK Machine People… Therefore, When you read your “ink on paper” books of Spiritualism, do they not “all talk about” Demons, and Gins, and Devils, and other Monstrosities from Harpies, Medusa, Goliath, Vishnu to Shiva??? Moreover, all the LORE and Myth that are in truth “just more ways” to talk about Evil Spirits in Human “Form” from Pirates to Vampires to Werewolves, and lest we forget THE WALKING DEAD??? I would say that the reason for COVID 19 is so people “possessed” and OPPRESSED by FEAR “do the will” of the SOLIDS within them…., and that is the “True Reason” their EYES go SOLID Black!!!! Now, not all SOLIDS “wish to partake” of Torture, and Rape, and Hurt, and Harm, and Cruelty, but the “Q-Anon and Q” are all about serving a Dog God called “Drego” and we will look into the Mysticism of these “PizzaGATE” Satanist with their FREE MASON Lodges, and their OTO Kaballa Zohar “Hoards of HELL” with more guns and bullets and groups and gangs and Mobsters need to keep your “town” in Oppression and OCCUPATION by these “U.N. Troops” wearing our State Police to U.S. FLAG Military Uniforms as we “are all” locked down, and can not leave “the boarders” of our 50 STATES cause there are “check points” no matter where you go??? You would do well to learn “other ways” to cross boarders……., so you might get down to South America and Central America if you like, or you need “to escape” the E.U, NATO and NORAD killing “all we people” with the Holy Spirit and “Rh Negative” Blood Types for what would happen to humanity if the RH Negative could “be removed” from all BLOOD LINES??? It is your “lack of thinking” SINISTER that allows your Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, Preachers to Priest from “Imam to Rabbi” TALMUD ZIONIST JESUITS too “TELL YOU” TO SHUT UP when “you need” to shut them up!!! So as Members, Constituents, and Representatives and CITIZENS “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, you need to disable any Weapons and “Surveillance” you can from these “5G Death” Weapons Towers of Microwave HEAT to COLD Radiation “Weather Enhancement” Weapons of NASA and all the Cosmonauts of “Russia and Chinese” JADE HELM 15 U.N. Troops… The Book of EXODICE!!!



Drago Doctrine

The Drago Doctrine was announced in 1902 by the Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs Luis María Drago in a diplomatic note to the United States. Perceiving a conflict between the Monroe Doctrine and the influence of European imperial powers, and raising attention to the principle of sovereign equality which the United States had long supported, it set forth the policy that no foreign power, including the United States, could use force against a Latin American nation to collect debt.[1] In 1904, the Roosevelt Corollary was issued by the United States in response to the Drago Doctrine. The Roosevelt Corollary asserted the right of the United States to intervene Latin America in the interests of American business and Latin American independence from European powers.

It grew from the ideas expressed by Carlos Calvo in Derecho internacional teórico y práctico de Europa y América, commonly known as the Calvo Doctrine. The Calvo Doctrine proposed to prohibit diplomatic intervention before local resources were exhausted.

The Drago Doctrine itself was a response to the actions of Britain, Germany, and Italy, who in 1902 had blockaded and shelled ports in response to Venezuela's massive debt, acquired under governments previous to president Cipriano Castro. Secretary of State John Hay was taken aback by the reference to the Monroe Doctrine, and delayed six weeks before responding by quoting Roosevelt's 1901 annual message to Congress: "We do not guarantee any state against punishment if it misconducts itself."[1]

Roosevelt himself — although he would lavish praise on Drago's doctrine in later years — had earlier written in his capacity as Vice President to the german diplomat Hermann Speck von Sternburg that "if any South American State misbehaves towards any European country, let the European country spank it."[1]

A modified version by Horace Porter was adopted at the Hague in 1907, adding that arbitration and litigation should always be used first.[2][3][4]

The Drago Doctrine was used by Venezuela as a rationale for their vote in support of Argentina at the Organization of American States meeting discussing the Argentine debt crisis involving NML Capital.


P.S. DO NOT FILL OUT THE CENSUS!!!! It will “only be used” to track you down, and people whom need a place “too be protected” from these EVIL Spirit Possessed “World Leaders” of the NEW WORLD ORDER…..


Now…., how did they fake them “Small Pox” photos on in the 1900’s??? They Poured FIRE ANTS on peoples “bodies” and waited for “The Welts” and Boils too Appear before “they took” them FREE MASON photos!!! This is why FREE MASON “must take in” an Evil Spirit too become a FREE MASON Lodge member………


The EVIL SPIRITS are the True NEW WORLD ORDER, and they use our “Human Bodies: to Trick and Treat us into killing “one another” as with this fake ass COVID 19 “INTERNATIONALIST” World Domination Take Over PLOT of the W.H.O. of the United Nations {INTERNATIONAL MAFIA} +=+ OF FREE MASON LODGES!!!!


The Commander~


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