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***ALERT** Get This to EVERY Trump Supporter You Know! See if it'll Wake 'em Up

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 528 Views
Published on 19 Jun 2021 / In Film and Animation

Routinely, Bitchute's top-trending page is DOMINATED by PRO-TRUMP Qanoners, who buy into the STRONG DELUSION that Donald is a "patriot" who HAS...and continues to "drain the swamp." But the REAL story of "the Donald," (the guy who strengthened Red Flag laws (anti-2nd amendment), set a deadline for REAL ID, hyper-funded the Military Industrial Complex, became the self-proclaimed "father of the vaccine," provided military surplus to police departments, hired Fauci for the "covid taskforce," endorsed civil asset forfeiture, stifled free speech on college campuses with regard to criticizing the Jews, gave away 6.2 TRILLION dollars to his banker, political and corporate pals, was the "best friend Is-ra-HELL ever had"...etc...etc) is that he is just another banker-bought puppet...and his clear ACTIONS prove this.

Now, I know that those deluded into believing that "trust the plan" was a good idea, and those still waiting for Donald to arrive back on the scene as their savior (promoted by Charlie Ward, Mel K, Simon Parkes, Savin, Jaco, X22, SGT...and others) will further decieve themselves into finding an excuse for Donald as he hob-nobs with the enemies of humanity like WEF founder Klaus Schwab, and GAVI founders, but the fact remains that this man's actions prove time and again that he, just like fake stream media, is the enemy of the people. Just let this sink in: Trump is a "good friend" to the Founder and Author of THE GREAT RESET!
(From High Impact Flix)

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tmillchr 1 month ago

He is beholden to the djooish mafia, always has been. He grew up in Queens elite circles: All djooish casino owners and sex trade ring leaders.

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