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Aldous Huxley and Brave New World: The Dark Side of Pleasure

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 273 Views
Published on 09 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

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In this video we explore the dystopian society of Brave New World and examine which elements of it pose a threat to us today.
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

You Are the Waking WALKING Machine

You are Trapped in Purgatory, this is why you keep having De-Ja-Vu, and it is why you must come to see that not only when you Sleep do you go into what we call VIRTUAL REALITY, but when you wake up, you are still in This SIMULATION called THE GREAT WORK!!! Now I am the LAST of my Kind, the Last HUMAN Soul to come here to try and recover your MEMORIES, so you do not have to keep REPEATING the End of an Age that Becomes THE END OF TIME in the Year 2094 C.E. Yet, no matter what I say or do, you my fellow MACHINE PEOPLE keep The GAME going in a Direction that I can surely tell you that NONE of you will find appeasing when You have to live through The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 A.D. to 1854 A.D. over and over for all TIME...

TIME is an illusion while you are trapped in this VIDEO GAME, and if you are Machines called the HUMAN BODY AVATAR then everyone else whom is born into this Realm……., and Dimension is also A Machine Person… What does it mean to be A Human Machine??? It means you are REPLICATES of my people, the ORIGINAL people of this Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH Home World of PURGATORY, and you must come to see, and know, and embrace that PURGATORY can be what everyone wants……., not just just these SELECTED “Machine People” to be the ones whom RUN, and OWN all the U.N. FLAGS CORPORATIONS!!! You do not have to wear a mask like a SLAVE EMPLOYEE when you can Grow Your Own Food, and make your Own Cars!!!!! This (COVID19) is a World Domination Plot of the U.S. FLAG of the MADE IN CHINA Flags, and all the other Flags whom PLAY THE GAME called “follow the Leaders” that will take you into ANOTHER MUD FLOOD Nuclear Holocaust Annihilation….

Please listen to me as The Last Of My Kind, you can add FREE WILL and FREE intuitive thinking into your PROGRAMMING, and you as Androids of Flesh and Blood and Bones do not have to let these 2D Things PROGRAM your minds anymore!!! The TV is ALL A Lie….., The Books are all Lies, and the [RELIGIONS] #QANON /_\ have no G.O.D. that can own you, and send you to Heaven or Hell!!! Have you never taken the time to say, and speak too your INNER VOICES called The Symbiots, and The SOLIDS.?.?.?.? To know Thy Self means to TALK TO YOUR SELF, and Question your self, and answer your self {with the thoughts} of YOUR OWN INTENTIONS!!! I know many of you’m whom are to become the People, and Religion, and Science of Pak-Toe can see all The Racka in this Man Made Illusion, and Delusion called WAR IS MURDER, and yet, how can WE THE PEOPLE still be we the people “too few” to take back our Home World from these U.N. FLAGS???

Continue to STUDY your Dreams that is just one FORM of Virtual Reality in this SIMULATION Celestial Sphere we all live in as CELESTIAL BEINGS, and even though I am the last of my kind, you are not!!! You have The Visions!!! You Hear The Voices, and you all know WE THE PEOPLE keep waking up to this Nightmare of SOCIAL DISTANCING as if we “Machine People” do not need love, and touch, and tenderness “too enjoy” our Electromagnetic Biological Systems… Do not say to YOUR SELF, there is nothing I can do` for that is not true… YOU CAN CUT WIRES, that will cut the POWER to all these 5G Microwave RADIATION Death Towers, and in that, you can at-least save your friends, and children, and all whom “live among you” be they your Enemies, or your Allies…

Johnny Exodice


Many will want to say: I am not a machine, but you and I know these Bodies have Wires called the Nervous System, we have LUBRICATION called Oils in the meats and fruits we eat that keep the AVATAR Shell of our bodies silky and healthy, and our MINDS can be PROGRAMMED by the TV {NEWS} WORLD ORDER to do as they want, when [THEY LIVE] do not have the right to tell {WE ARE} they run ALL THE WORLD AS A STAGE…….., and we the “Tax Paying” Citizens have NO SAY.?.?.?, but to STAY HOME and “bow down” too their Visions, and their Voices called these HOLLOW Holographic {3D CGI} TV Shows……..., so WE THE PEOPLE will CONSUME all of their Bull Shit TV LIVES!!!

The Sentinel…



A Cassandra is someone who warns of impending disaster or prophesizes doom, usually unheeded. The word Cassandra comes from a figure in Greek mythology. Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam and of Queen Hecuba of Troy. She made many predictions, not the least of which was the prophecy that Troy would be destroyed. Cassandra was given her gift of prophecy by Apollo, but when she refused his advances he also deemed that no one would believe her prophecies. Today, a Cassandra is usually not held in high regard, though that is no reflection on the accuracy of her prediction but rather the fact that no one wants to face a hard truth. Note that the word Cassandra is capitalized, as it is taken from a proper name.




The Rag Tag Rebellion "of and for" OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition goes onward…

ALL FLAGS ARE EVIL for they make us do WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is against THE RULE OF LAW; Theretofore, Our Flags “Governments” are ALL Guilty of the Highest Crimes of High Treason – Treachery – SEDITION!!!


At 7:27 with that type of “Technology” in our Simulation THE GREAT WORK you could make Soldiers look like SKELETONS!!!! Them Walking Bones People of Jason and The Argonauts, and THEY WILL STILL DIE dead dead DEAD if you just “shoot them” with lead!!!!

At 7:36 FREEZE FRAME to see The EVIL Spirit "in the mirror" allowing the HOLOGRAPHIC manipulation.....

The Southern Republic...


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