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Air Freeze (Lying Signs in the Heaven- Matrix/Simulation Delusion?)

njthemarksman - 117 Views
Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In Spiritual

Air Freeze (Lying Signs in the Heaven: Matrix/Simulation Delusion?)

Looks like a freeze point in the energy streams, sorta. Not unlike how Tibetan monks can shift heavy rocks with specific tones and frequencies out of their huge trumpet things.

But then.... Biblically, lying signs and wonders capable of deceiving the gullible into believing whatever their lost sense of things are pre-disposed to preferring to see/know, isn't off the table.

(The Prince of the Power of the Air (Satan): and the Bible warns that the demonic realm will perform lying signs in the Heaven. Elementary school thinking skills work fine here.)

Lensing is everything. We can't "read". We are born into a fact, not a simulation. Everything is final and consequential.

To read, we're provided objectivity by which our born facts (senses) may operate to understand the "book" of this world. The rest is rule bending, which demons know better than us and always will so long as we are mortal.

Now before those last three cause offence: relegate it as mere opinion so it can be easily dismissed. Go eat cookies.

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