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AI Day '22 Opens with Devil-Horns and the Heart-of-Lucifer Hand-Signs

JamesRoss - 429 Views
Published on 05 May 2023 / In Technology

The '21 that "person in a robot-suit" was actually an A.i. brainchipped bio-robot acting out on stage for Elon Musk... so it was a A.i.Luciferian joke to show a living human body being a robot that only Freemasons and Luciferians knew about the brainchip... the non-Cult people didn't understand the Musk-joke and thought it was just "dumb" to have a human walking around on stage. But as you become smarter, you will realize that Musk was mocking all those who did not understand the brainchip-hivemind-army takeover by Freemason-technology of the microwave-wireless world. The technology comes from the secretive ancient mankind, Homo capensis: Those who don't listen to my info seriously, will just remain dumbed-down until they themselves become bio-robots serving the NWO and watching the extinction of Homo sapiens.

Here a 3 year old toddler is dancing using an A.i. remote-control brainchip:

Look out world... Even the people waking up have a long way to go to realized the technology that the Freemasons and Luciferians are hiding:


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