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After the Commies Democrats premeditately burned down America and killed countless whites with their terrorist (Only)BLM movement, to celebrate the accidental death of their multiple criminal

The Father of History
The Father of History - 156 Views
Published on 18 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

After the Commies Democrats premeditately burned down America and killed countless whites with their terrorist (Only)BLM movement, to celebrate the accidental death of their multiple criminal George Floyd, now they calls "for unity"😉 under the dictatorial communist boot of Joe Biden & Kamala Toto Harris, celebrating Martin Luther King jr. (this after thier BLM demolished all statues of White heroes), calling the NATIONAL GUARD "to defend the president/Joe Biden"😉 (the senile retard endicted for multiple crimes, and yes, the one who publicly declared "I don't consider drink and drive a fellony"), who's communist Maffia pretends "he was elected by almost whole America, whith the most votes in the history of USA, much more votes than even JFK got".
In this clip fragment, the SCUM Leutenant Steve Rogers, one of main China's spies in USA, besides saying that "this war style defending measures, which are the most extensive ever in the history of USA" (measures taken "to defend the president which got the most votes in the history of USA"😉💩, thus "the most loved & wanted president of USA", according to the Joe Biden communist mob), "are not exgerated at all" he says, he also lies his cave off that (here in the correct translation), that: "This defending (of foreign pawns like Joe Biden and Kamala Toto Harris) by an unprecedented amount of military personel (judahs, every one got his 30 pieces of silver) is warranted because of the (pretend speculation) fact that foreign forces & powers could atrack US because they don't want Joe Biden/The Communists taking over capitalist America"😉 (end translated quote of that chinese spy), while the TRUE D
FACT is that foreign powers WANT Joe Biden in power(!!!), this judah army allover USA is actually placed there AGAINGST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! Not "against foreign powers"😉!
How stupid does this chinese spy Steve Rogers think we are?? All communists (like him) insults our intelligence, mixing/confusing our tolerance with "stupidity". There is a certain line between those 2 terms, and that was crossed NOW.
21 january will tell who finally goes down.
Remember that a couple of months ago when foreign (africans, israelites, chinese) were burning down America and killed countless whites/americans (in the name of their multiple criminal, George Floyd) for many weeks, not only that the national guard was not called in, but the communists/democrats even opposed very agressively and publicly the attempts of the human Donald Trump to send there the national guard! Obviously the value of lifes differ in the Communist Zoo (where only black lives matter in white countries) where countless innocent whites killed on the streets "is good"😉 ("for the greater black good of USA") esspecially when the whites's country is burned down in the process, but when ONE black woman is killed in the Capitol (by communist/democrats Antifa agents infiltrated among the humans), immediatelly the communist zoo yells against the humans:
TERRORISM! And "the national guard has to come" and defend the president Joe Biden, "ellected by the majority of the Americans"😉🙉💩, that's what the commies are saying! Because THEIR (FAKE) "election results"😉💩 shows "the biggest votes in the whole history of USA, for a president", even much greater than JFK ever got, which sccording to the communists now, "it was won by (the senile & retarded & endicted for multiple crimes) Joe Biden.
Well, if almost all America chose for Joe Biden, FROM WHOM is he trying to defend himself on januari 21-st with The National Guard??? It does not make any sense! The streets & country should be full of love and flowers if Biden indeed won by so much! Duuh!
Well, the communists came with "the answer"😉💩: We gather this unprecedented amount of troops, to defend ourself from foreigh (army) intervention"😉🙉💩💩??
What "foreign intervention"😉???
It there a war (or declaration of war against US) we don't know about?? Where is the US Army then?? Why the National Guard?
This N.G. is used ONLY against US citizen! Allways! NEVER against "foreign armies/interventions"😉, esspecily do defend a communist president (Joe Biden) of a capitalist country, which pretended almost all America voted for him!
In short: This is the begining of The End of USA and of The World, as we know it. If we (the humans) don't do anything to stop our extermination from existence, in a short while we woun't even ve a memory, as the communist Zoo allways deletes every shred of proof of human existence, promoting only their zoo race "victories" upon humanity & creation. By the way, the commies invented the "Revolution", which os THE OPPOSITE of "Evolution". Killing of creation and turning back the clock of human evolution was allways their goal, in order to bring us (the humans) to their zoo level. See also their "Dark Ages", first a long while back (wrongly called "The Greek Dark Ages", see wikipedia about it, the historical "Sea Peoples" were jews-greeks, not only greeks!), and later on in the middle ages, the SECOND "Dark Ages". The THIRD Dark Ages is happening right NOW!
Wake up! Time to die! Or to survive, if you fight for it.

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