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Aether is Real! This can help to explain the 'Gravitational waves', detected by the LIGO.

The Human Collective
Published on 30 Sep 2022 / In Science

Space is filled with a form of matter. This can help to explain starlight bending, gravitational lensing and even the"gravitational waves". It provides an atom its volume! In the atoms of a transparent medium, it acts as the transmission medium for light and slows down the light-speed (this slowing down causes refraction). Different wavelength photons have different level of slow down. This causes Dispersion. It diffracts light or particles when they pass through narrow edges! Diffraction pattern is the result of the combination of Refraction and Interference!
It causes the electron-positron pair production when sufficiently energetic photons interact with heavy atoms! (this is an example for the conversion of space-matter into ordinary matter). Its denser presence around the Sun causes Star-light bending (It is only the Refraction of light)! Its denser presence causes Gravitational lensing (it is also the Refraction of light)! Probably, its presence in space at a low density acts as the transmission medium for light! The volume expansion of nuclear matter into space-matter causes the release of nuclear energy! Mass defect is converted into space-matter. Advanced civilizations in the Universe are probably already aware of this matter!!
Probably, they are using this knowledge for their technological applications!! Now, this is the time for us to start exploring about it!! It will make us capable of controlling the nature to the NEXT LEVEL!!
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goosegatherer 2 months ago

More fiction for the fools....Gravity has never been proven by anyone....No one has ever created an experiment that proves it is real....We have Mass , and Density.....and that's it. The SUN is in our Firmament , as is the MOON....not space. No one can , or ever has , proven that space exists because no one and nothing has ever passed through our Firmament so prove me wrong foolish person . Our SUN cannot be millions of miles away because it is within our Firmament....AND.....we see its rays emanating from it and it always shows the same pattern of Rays that always point back to the center of the where else. Space if it exists , is way beyond our capabilities to reach it BECAUSE....if we ever did break through our Firmament our entire Earths oxygen supply would be of no use to any of us because of the Water that our Biosphere was created in would destroy our entire Earth. Stupidity is never compulsory even though many fools still insist on b/s....proof has to be there or what you have is only unproven fiction.

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