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Charlie Ward
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Published on 21 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 21 days ago

Good Morning my NON-MASON Populations, and since we know FREE MASON Children can kill we nonmason just as cruel as their Shriners Dads and Eastern Star Moms,

I want youm to be aware of the Tik Tok when Jobs Daughters - Rainbow Girls, and Demolay Boys put out a thread that if you NON-MASON Girls feel someone in STALKING You,

then run to the First man youm see and Grab Hold his Arm.?.?.?

This is a way for you my [nonmason] Qballs~ /_\ Children young girls too get raped and "kidnapped" by Teenage to Collage Age FRATERNITY Boys and Sorority Girls, and just know all Collage Kids whom come from (Rich Families) actually live off of WE THE PEOPLE nonmason Gentiles: whom are their Fellow Citizens TAXES and Church Donations as FREE MASON Lodge Members in our Home Towns as {Incubus and Succubus} in OUR Human Form.......,

so if you see these KKK Mason {Red Neck Boys} +=+ whom are KKK racist FREE MASON Cucks and Slags, you go find them with your Facial Recognition software:

cause these MASON Boys and Girls are the ones whom HAZE our nonmason Boys and Girls too (DEATH) on Collage Campuses all the time, and these FREE MASON Lodge "Member" Youth are the ones whom are the Social Clicks in our Middle to High School, and since the only good 1 is to know how too kill 1 then Ask one 2 be one, so you can shoot them dead....

You know [their faces] [{**}] where you live......., youm know they kidnap, rape, and murder, our (NON-MASON) /-\ Children where we live as FREE MASON C.O.P.S., and we will no longer put up with Those whom attend FREE MASON Lodges as Demolay - Jobs Daughters - Rainbow Girls,

and so youm my Gentile NON-MASON Romantic Warriors go and {trick or treat} / * \ them into their own demise: for they grow up to become the City Councils - School Boards - Judges - C.O.P.S. - Senators and Congress whom Break their OATH OF OFFICE in all U.N. FLAGS to do the #AGENDA21 and #AGENDA2030 at #SDG of the FAKE SPACE {G4S] U.N. Troops of #SpaceForce whom come to murder all we nonmason Gentile populations here in the USA and E.U. to any BLUE EYED and BROWN EYES:

remaindering populations that These CITY Officials {all LIE about} landing on the MOON........,

and then saying WE the Gentile NON-MASON Populations have to get the Vaccinations by Parasites in their EYES' while [THEY LIVE] and their evil wicked PROFANE Free Mason "children" get water injected into their arms for the Impunity (Global Citizens) INTERNATIONALIST Pass Ports too Travel to Concerts, and Bars, and Work, and We the NON-MASON #unvaxxed get locked out of even logging onto the World Wide Web with our Crypto Digital UNIVERSAL I.D..... #NURATU [{*}]

go to the Back Up Jeppo Jinx Tik Tok too watch this RUN TOO THE NEAREST MAN YOU SEE, and grab his arm... This is all a (Con Job) as the Stalker........., and the one Waiting for you to RUN too him are both the Rapist...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYIztNjdai0 If you know them, you take them out where you live...

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