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Acts 9:10-19 | Saul's Call, Empowering and Equipping | Pastor Mark Kirk - Live

Published on 27 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

Being a follower of the Lord means you are not only a “follower” but in another sense a leader. Now many of us don’t know our call for a long time as God does not always reveal it right away. If you remember last week we left off with Saul being knocked to the ground and literally blinded by the glory of the Lord on the road to Damascus while heading to persecute Christians. He was then led blind by the hand into the city to wait on further instructions from the Lord. Can you imagine what it must have been like to have suddenly realized while thinking he was serving God he found out he was actually fighting against God? No doubt during these 3 days of blindness the 16 years of Jewish training in the “School of the Book” and the “School of Gamaliel,” all of the education and of of the Scripture memory is suddenly understood like never before. But as we will see this was just the beginning for Paul.

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