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Callise Allysea Angelique Artemis
Published on 15 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

Caught live on TV formation point and actor who has imitated Joe Biden voice wears a Joe Biden silicone realistic mask and you can see where it ends! I finally found a video that truly shows that Joe Biden is a fake! Not only can you tell by the photos he is not the real Joe Biden but now you can see it I'm real time! Enjoy
Pris en direct sur le point de formation de la télévision et l'acteur qui a imité la voix de Joe Biden porte un masque réaliste en silicone Joe Biden et vous pouvez voir où cela se termine!
J'ai enfin trouvé une vidéo qui montre vraiment que Joe Biden est un faux!
Non seulement vous pouvez dire par les photos qu'il n'est pas le vrai Joe Biden mais maintenant vous pouvez le voir, je suis en temps réel!

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Operation Q
Operation Q 7 months ago

We Are Watching A White Hat Movie: The 2021 USA Inc. Joe Biden Shadow Presidency

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deeannie 11 months ago

I've known of this for quite awhile, being told by a reputable source, and then did my own investigation. And I saw the same thing. Not only his ears, but the eyes; and you can't hide your eyes unless you're wearing sunglasses which the fake Biden has done. Also the fatty deposits under his chin, his nose is straighter, and he has a lower hair-line. Plus, if you would take both the photo's side by side exposing his entire upper body, you'll see where the fake Biden doesn't even know how to tie a tie, where I will give the real Biden kudos for that. And I'm always checking out the correct way in which to tie and tie with the indent at the knot. My grandfather taught me when I was a young girl, along with tying bowties. This faker is the pits! He may resemble creepy touchy-bad-feeling Joey Biden, but he's not the real thing.

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SadInAmerica 1 year ago

This country is run by clones, frauds, crisis actors and even dead people! Can the REAL Joe Biden please stand up? NO he can't, he took a trip to GITMO and never came back! WHO are the Biden and Harris imposters? WHO do they work for? Everyone needs to see this video! Thanks for posting it!

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Lkysht 1 year ago

Fake, fraud, trader, and TREASON! CCP biden for gitmo! And all his corrupt friends.

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