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Abomination Of Justice

Infowars - 124 Views
Published on 23 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

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hard-drive 1 year ago

"The September Report further determined that “[a]n external IP
address that is associated with Canada is found on the Adjudication01
[workstation]” and “[t]his shows that at least one of the network devices has
connected to an external device on an external network” and that this was the
same device that the post-certification python script was found on. Id., ¶ 7.
Among other findings, this constituted a direct violation of and failure of the
conditions required for certification in the Dominion Certification Report, see
EXHIBIT B, pp. 40-50, ¶ C.

The log files for the Adjudication device showed an IP address of, which derives from a location in Quebec, Canada and that this
revealed a serious issue to be connected remotely to a Canadian system"

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