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A Thought Provoking Message 4 ALL Minority People .mp4

CitizenJournalist.News Gregg Huestis
Published on 13 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

A Thought Provoking Message 4 ALL Minority People ...

These videos are from an organization that has been speaking to these coming political trends for many years: Tomorrow's News Today.



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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

The ENEMY within…

You have spent many years studying The Works of The Great Teacher, and you have come to know that Our Human Flesh and Blood and Bones bodies do not just Host our Spirits, Our Person, and Our SOULS, but that Symbiots live in our minds as well to help us see the things of the UNSEEN, and that SOLIDS share our minds as well, and yet, from all your studies of the HOLY BIBLE, how would you redeem an EVIL SPIRIT.?.?.? WE know that when a PERSONS EYES goes Solid Demonic Black that they are now possessed by an INTERDEMENSIONAL ENTITY!!! Just as “the eyes” of Donald J. Trumps wife eyes stay SOLID DEMONIC BLACK all the time……., and she is so far gone as far as being HUMAN Anymore that she sounds, and talks like a Russian Artificial Intelligence, and still the American Mr. Trump chose to interbreed with an Android Synthetic life form, so what does that make his son BARON.?.?.? A Hybrid…...

For any seeker of The Truth, and as The Seeds of Truth, and Love, and Wisdom, we the people whom are nonmason do not cheat, and lie, and hurt, and harm, and murder, and kill as these FREE MASON Lodge Members do whom hunt Animals “into extinction” like The Tiger, and The Lion, and The Polar Beer` for only a MONSTER would harm a Wild Animal……., or we The Wild Men and “Wombmen” of our Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and yet our Presidents, Kings and Queens, and all their MINIONS from Governors to Mayors to Judges to City School Boards are all [FREE MASON] who have chosen to follow the ways of The Dammed, The Forsaken, and the Cursed, and since {we all know} /_\ that To Kill is Murder, and to MURDER any Human regardless of Reason is to Create WAR and that makes WAR Illegal in any Decent People of (INTEGRITY) and Honor as Oath Keepers not Oath Breakers…

Every Time you TURN on your TV that Black Mirror device of YOU TUBE – Face Book – Twitter, you are filled with “thoughts” that lead you no where but into THE illusions and delusions of PEOPLE, and Persons, and even whole Populations that LIE TO YOUR FACE “about everything” as they partake of this Religious Ritual of (COVID19) to make the many forget we were having a DISCUSSION about them Faking Space, and that we do actually live on a FLAT EARTH inside a Celestial Sphere……., and that makes all U.N. FLAGS invaders “of our minds” as each country uses the TV SHOWS to make you bow down to the people whom live off of your taxes?????, and then these people your EMPLOYEES make more TV Shows saying “we have to” / * \ Bomb Humans, and their friends, and their children #QANON “into fatality” as WAR puts ALL LIVES MATTER too DEATH as you humans “willingly” murder children by saying USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! is a nation of Terrorist, Pirates, and Murderers!!! This is OUR CREED of We The People of the UNITED STATES of these 192 U.N. FLAGS…..

The TRUTH will slap you in the face` if you are [A Real Person] [{**}] of Flesh and blood and bones, and not some ROBOT Machine Mind [{*}] that seeks only the (Vogue and Vanity) of MATERIALISM be that Hollywood Bollywood COSMETICS {on your} +=+ Corporeal Body Temple Avatars to putting Chains and “Prison Rocks” on your Fingers called Gold and Silver and all them Gem Stones… Theretofore, why should ANY “of you” be ALLOWED to escape PURGATORY and this “De-Ja-Vu” Oraborus Curse when you still do the Dance of Liars, Cheaters, and Illusionist.?.?.?.? The only enemy you have is the ones in your own “fucking mind” where you say: We are DIFFERENT from you… Yet, you never considered That SOLID is your Symbiotic [Religious] +=+ Relationship, and it has been using you, and THINKING for you my “Human” Celestial Being……., and how does that make you feel HUMAN “too know” you have no free will, NO Free thoughts, nor [the right] to exist as you wish???

Johnny Exodice

The King and Queen of “Angels and Demons” have spoken…

Wombmen are to “give birth” too Children….., not MURDER them in these FREE MASON WARS!!!!

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition goes on…..

The Society of nonmason~


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