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Published on 12 Nov 2021 / In Cars and Vehicles

ually like to make rocket stoves. the short ones save
more fuel, since the fire is closer to the pot and the pot receives more
heat. but the burn isn't as clean, and pots get thick soot. the tall ones
create a stronger flame, cleaner burn, and much less soot on pots, but
you will need to use more firewood. i wanted to create a stove that
puts the pot near to the fire so it receives more heat, and at the same
time has a strong draft so we have a clean burn. it also doesn't blacken
the sides of the pot - only the bottom. and i don't want all the exhaust
fume and flying ashes to have a chance to touch the food, so they're all
directed away into a chimney. this stove is the first vers

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