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An Ami Horowitz Didital Short - Crimminal Content .mp4

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Published on 21 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

And they tried to "IMPEACH" President Trump over the January 6, 2021 riot? Maxine Waters has caused this violent thought process!! Just wait until "Non-English speaking illegals" arrive in "full force against the "WHITE MAN!" Our once "FREE NATION" is gone m'friends.

**This is the only reason the Jury convicted Chauvin in the manner which they did is because of Maxine Waters & threats such as these low life thugs** There will be an appeal as well as change of venue then he will get what was appropriate, perhaps manslaughter. How on God's Earth does one get 2nd degree, 3rd degree AND 3rd degree manslaughter?? Chauvin's eyes & demeanor during his stance on george floyd's body, was incomprehensible, and he did, I do believe deserved 2nd degree manslaughter, but this sentence was an **over-kill** & basically a life sentence adding up all the time of the charges handed down*** for reason's yet are unknown. We shall find out & very soon however!! He nor his attorney appeared shocked, therefore, this tells me they already knew, this is all... **INSANITY not JUSTICE!**

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