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Let's break the matrix to live in a higher state of vibration

The Human Collective
Published on 19 Aug 2022 / In Entertainment

Let's break the matrix to live in a higher state of vibration

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Hallo powerful galactic beings, welcome back to another video. We are at the end of a very long journey that has actually spanned thousands of years. So, to be here at the end of this cycle is truly amazing. We are seeing such division and unrest right now because this old energy is doing all that it can to keep control and keep the higher energy out, which it can’t do because it’s here. The matrix had some areas that needed greater light, and then, we moved through the collective consciousness to infuse it with light. Once we returned our focus to the All That Is, we then bring our lives, looking at our lives and what keeps us where we are. This is very important as we may have the same things, however, it will vibrate differently. It is important that we start releasing control and dealing with the 3rd-dimensional manipulation. Once you clear that you, you can then look at your life from a state of being. A few of the essential aspects: detach from the energy. When you see something happening in the world or friend is in a bad place, it is important to detach from the essence of what they are going through. Find the balance within you. From the balance with your divinity, you have a great deal more you can give or share with others. Leave from a place of love and compassion. This takes judgment out of your life. Let go of control. It’s a huge difference to control and manipulate a situation than being present and see what actions to take.

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