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911 A Conspiracy Theory The Corbett Report.mp4

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Published on 11 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

911 A Conspiracy Theory The Corbett Report

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Good morning My Rag Tag Rebellion….

Now whilste most people regardless of their NATIONS that have been Turned into CORPORATIONS for these INTERNATIONALIST Capitalist of the United Nations General Assembly for this Byzantine EMPIRE that hides behind the Flags of England – France – Spain as the Axes of Evil with their U.N. Troops and now CORPORATIONS like G4S trying to Replace all Police in the 50 States FOR America as G4S has Replaced the POLICE in the Constitutional State of FLORIDA that is a Nation and a Republic unto itself as is GEORGIA!!!!

You can not call yourself a CITIZEN of your Nation unless you know the CONSTITUTION of your FLAG, and know that all your Police are Traitors committing SEDITION for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030…..

So today, I will show why I AM a Citizen of the State of Georgia just like Citizens for the State of Israel because I know the CONSTITUTION of this Country called GEORGIA in the Western Hemisphere under OCCUPATION by the U.S. WAR FLAG of the UNITED NATIONS where these 50 State Flags in the USA have no rights, no Autonomy, and no Sovereignty….

Moreover, the 50 Nations in the USA did not sign onto the UNITED NATIONS News World Order of Medicated Militant Mindless Menticide U.N. Troops of BLACK WATER and BLACK ROCK of Academy of G4S!!!!

If the LAW does not protect the CITIZEN in a Nation / Corporation / Country / State, then the LAW is the word and work of The Devil being this Synagogue of SATAN from the BOOK OF REVELATION being these FREE MASON Lodge Members in all U.N. FLAGS as OCCUPATION Capitalist from the other side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere……..., and the Difference between a Civilian Corporate DEBT SLAVE and a {CORPORATE CITIZEN} is we the “Citizen” knows the CONSTITUTION of the Nation / Corporate FLAG, and in GEORGIA our FLAG is not on Our Police, Our National Guard, nor our Coast Guard: whom all wear the FLAG of (High Treason) +=+ called the UNITED NATIONS World Police of Peacekeepers being this OATH BREAKERS Government in the USA to their OATH OF OFFICE to the U.S. “Act of 1871” Corporate Constitution as CORPORATE CITIZENS!!!!

The ONLY LAW OF THE LAND is your States Constitution, and any LAWS from Marijuana to you can’t pay for Romantic Sex with another is an illegal ORDINANCE under the CONSTITUTION of your Nation – Capital – Flag….

All POLICE – National Guard – Coast Guard took an OATH OF OFFICE too uphold and Defend the CONSTITUTION of your Nation: be it these 50 STATES under [occupation] Qballs~ /_\ by the United States OF America for the Byzantine EMPIRE that is the UNITED NATIONS General Assembly too your Countries just like “Afghanistan” where G4S is the Taliban……., and it is your Duty in Afghanistan to Kill all Taliban!!!!


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