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7Dec22 Thousand Day Anniversary of Pandemic Orders, and What Happens AFTER 2030? Life in MegaCities

David Knight
David Knight - 150 Views
Published on 07 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

1,000 DAYS! How convenient that 1,000 days of "emergency" Exec Order falls on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor sneak attack

The mRNA and the Spike are both persisting in the vaccinated and accumulating with each booster, and doing genetic damage.

Can it be spread/shedded to unvaccinated?

Will the damage be spread to future generations? Will it be a seed change to DNA?

Rep. Smith’s proposal to reinstate GI Bill benefits for veterans who were kicked out over the vaccine mandate (and another to reinstate)

Mainstream media's sudden switch. Two years ago — fawning over China's lockdown and the slander against anyone in the West who opposed the tactic. Today, China is criticized for what they applauded 2 yrs ago

New Yorker denounced anti-lockdown protesters as “militias against masks”.

UK has approved and is pushing Pfizer’s low-dose vaccine for babies. But it's not low dose and the abbreviated testing is VERY concerning about safety

Mainstream media still pushing fear of Covid, now claiming it damaged livers. Was it something else that did the damage?

Restaurant that defied Covid restrictions has been used and betrayed by GOP. An example of what was done to small businesses everywhere

Trump turns over Senate seat in GA, yet again, to Democrats

Chinese government stole TENS OF MILLIONS in "pandemic relief"

Waste and hypocrisy over taxes. An army of IRS agents to squeeze $200 BILLION out of Americans over TEN YEARS, but they're giving over $100 MILLION to Ukraine - NO audit. Income tax has NEVER been about money or deficits

Saxo Bank’s 10 outrageous predictions for 2023.

Life AFTER 2030, according to the plans of C40, an organization of 97 of the largest cities

Under the most "generous" scenario, how many vehicles per 1,000 people?

One flight every, how many years?!!

They're taking land from Dutch farmers to build — TriState Mega City. A look at the enslavement of people within gigantic cities, globally

The Netherlands is taking the lead in terms of expropriating the property from the farmers.

Wristwatches for cows? Or for human cattle?

Another conservative outlet beside Infowars says Trump did not threaten to suspend the Constitution. Here's how we know they're wrong

Another drone attack hits another airbase DEEP inside Russian territory as war escalates

Planned Parenthood executive says children should be exposed to porn early and "babies are sexual beings"

HHS Sec Xavier Becerra, who cannibalized babies, wants minors to get chemical and surgical mutilation, paid for by government. Refuses to answer if parental consent would be required.

Fauci's puppies, Musk's monkeys

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