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6Mar23 Trump Pushes UN Agenda21/UN 2030 Agenda, Rebrands as "Freedom Cities"

David Knight
David Knight - 170 Views
Published on 06 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

2:07 Musk's NEW Twitter Censorship Tool and how some of the old ones continue

11:08 FL Republicans introduce a slate of bills to attack Free Speech

41:10 "Freedom Cities": Trump Embraces NWO Agenda21's Smart Cities. Like other politicians around the globe, Trump wants to design cities that will "solve" all our problems. Cities are NOT about freedom. He says we can fit people into 0.5% of the land. Yet Trump sycophants who always warned about UN Agenda21, UN 2030 Agenda, Great Reset, "15 Minute Cities", Smart Cities, etc — cheer Trump as fighting the NWO.

54:32 CPAC, now Trump-PAC — was the auditorium half-empty or half-full

59:30 Pfizer whistleblower rightfully cheered at CPAC — but they support Trump who PAID Pfizer and blocked testing to push Warp Speed out

1:06:43 Jan6 political prisoners RENT a room at CPAC to talk about how those not even charged with violent crime have been punished — and abandoned by GOP

1:18:17 Rod Stewart says Ukrainian loss will be the end of civilization — from the man who did his best to end it single handedly with his "music" and his demands for mandatory vaccines

1:21:50 Training of F-16 pilots begins in the US

1:38:18 Another derailment in Ohio, another one in Utah and 3 fires hit Pemex facilities at 3 different sites on the same day

1:49:14 A string of losses in court for Biden's gun control on bump stocks and "ghost guns" but he is determined to ban AR-15s

1:54:55 WATCH Tesla vs the Amish — look at what Tesla thinks an Amish horse and buggy is

2:03:56 INTERVIEW Ford's Patent for Repossession is FAR More Concerning Than Media Reported DESCRIPTION:
Eric Peters,
Ford's patent drawing to immobilize cars isn't just about financials. The troubling implications of their flow chart
Corporate automotive press — dumbed down, servile, and subversive of liberty
Porsche & Ferrari (and their respective governments) are working on an expensive carve-out from banning all internal combustion engines

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