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6-23-22 AI Virtual Tamagotchi Kids and the Forbiddance to Marry [Prophecy Update]

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Published on 25 Jun 2022 / In News and Politics

The Bible predicts that the world and false church will one day forbid people to marry. (1 Timothy 4:3) However, this particular passage in 1 Timothy 4:3, does not explain why the world and the false church will forbid marriage. However, the generation living closets to these predicted end time markers, will be able to figure out the why. So maybe, the lies of manmade Global warming and the demonic world view of climate change (radical environmentalism), could answer the why. So possibly forbidding people to marry would possibly imply forbidding people to have kids. (they could call it sustainable reproductive rights) and in their warped way of thinking, Globalist believe that only certain people should have the right to have children so the mindset is already here. Therefore, the globalist might recommend to people that do not fit their criteria for having children, could be forced into the route of having a virtual AI baby to save the planet. The technology is already here which put this within the reach of something like this happening. On this broadcast will explore the possibility of this coming soon to our world.

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