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6/23/21. Bill Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 2 - Michael Baxter - 6/22/2021

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Published on 25 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

I got a strike so YouTube threw me into the dog house for a week. So I can't post for a week. So welcome to "Tom Youngjohn 2" where I'm now posting new content. Please spread the word.

I am grateful for your financial support. My PayPal account is

This is who I’ve started to use for social media management:

If you want to donate crypto currency, here is my Polygon (MATIC) wallet address.

And here is my crypto wallet for USD.
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And this is the required XRP tag. 1556106385

If you want a coffee cup with one of my drawings on it go to

Search YouTube for my other sources: Charlie Ward, Juan O’Savin, (who is unfairly slandered by another fav Simon Parkes), Mel K, Ann Vandersteel, Scott McKay (Patriot Street Fighters), Gene Decode, Janet Ossembard

That which has inspired me: Jesus, Elihu, the Bible, the Book of Job, the Book of Enoch, Timothy Keller, Mike Winger, Alisa Childers, John MacArthur, David Wood, RC Sproul, James Tour, Stephen Meyer, John Lennox, Eric Mataxas, Tim Tebow, Bishop Robert Barron, Lynn Wood, Sydney Powell, (conditionally DJTrump and the brave patriots in our military, if they didn’t allow a jab to take the lives/souls of a whole lot of people, but especially my son), my audience who cheers me up, Jordan Peterson (who I’m working on indirectly), and my daughter’s colorful Hebrew Israelite boyfriend, Devon, who really knows his precepts! And “Louder with Crowder,” Michael Knowles, and Alex Jones, who all showed me that the news could be entertaining. Lucille Ball! Monty Python!


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LightHealer 1 month ago

God....I wish these were broadcasted! Thank you!

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