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5G, Graphene & the Vaccine is How they Plan to Kill You!

Slawomir Slowianin
Slawomir Slowianin - 4,363 Views
Published on 27 Dec 2021 / In Health

5G, Graphene & the Vaccine is How they Plan to Kill You!

Both the COVID-19 “virus” and the viral mRNA vaccine are activated by 5G radiofrequencies:

Compiled data on the effects of 5G radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication systems on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, determined that 5G caused viral activation and increased virulence.

The viral mRNA vaccine along with the spike protein that it produces may be altered by 5G radiofrequency radiation whereby, both working in tandem create a virus-like complex of the human cell itself!

This mobilized state would then launch an immune response against healthy body cells since they now resemble viral pathogens; thus creating a SARS-CoV-2-like disease state within the body without the presence of the actual virus itself!

Why then would anyone want to take a vaccine that is intentionally geared to altering the very same body system that is suppose to protect you from infection? The bigger question; what is the triggering mechanism that allows for the activation of viral mRNA from the vaccine?

This is the mechanism that activates the immune system itself to start attacking otherwise healthy body cells and organs creating autoimmune-like dysfunction! Instead of “Body Snatchers”, you now have vaccines that have become “Cell Snatchers”!

Viral mRNA Vaccine Activated By 5G! 5G Radiofrequency Radiation Set at “Kill frequency”… When the pandemic started in January 2020, a lot of effort went into censoring social media claims about the connection of 5G and the COVID-19 viral outbreak. Why? 5G is not about the internet of things; it is a military grade weapons system. The NWO is building a kill grid, with energy inputs targeting specifically larger areas such as cities. Their agenda is “Depopulation” and the bioweapons delivery system are the untested genetically-altering vaccines.

How does this work? You see, our bodies can act as transmitters and receivers of electro magnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic frequency (EMF) making us more susceptible to external energy inputs… such as 5G. We believe that the vaccine itself is being used as a conduit for the increased absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation within the body and that the vaccinated are walking targets for a mass culling using 5G weapons systems. Long-term exposure to 5G can result in: cancer, endocrine imbalances, neurodegenerative diseases, infection, inflammation, infertility issues, and miscarriage, just to list a few. The 5G global rollout started at roughly the same time as the pandemic hit in 2020. Lockdown after lockdown, we were all told repeatedly to stay in our homes; work from home, study at home, only take essential trips outside, and stay in your bubble. Was this just a coincidence?

Members of European Parliament just recently acknowledged that long-term exposure to 5G radiofrequency radiation represses the immune system by stimulating the uptake of free radicals across cell membranes which then establishes an environment favorable to the replication of viruses. They believed the spread of viral infections is accelerated by irradiation from radio frequency waves and that 5G was a co-factor when analyzing the present pandemic. Questions were presented to the EU Parliament that have yet to be addressed and probably won’t be addressed till after the damage has been done: Did the Commission take into consideration the immune-repressing effect of long-term exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic waves before promoting 5G and similar technologies that considerably increase the level of irradiation? Has it considered the possibly enhanced replication of viruses caused by exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic waves?

description by Truth Seekers Worldwide

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 9 months ago

No one mentions the truck in the background. If I were deep state, I'd have a truck or van, ppl in the back able to tap into the interior security cameras in the shop. THEN do the experiment - all on tape, showing their masters how it worked. the 5G towers around to send the signal, her specific phone may have an app on it - like all the "contact tracer" apps they want everyone to put on their phones... just sayin'....

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proudusagirl01 9 months ago

Ivermectin help reduce the severity of vaccine adverse reactions. If someone is suffering from a post vaccine syndrome, FLCCC clinicians and a growing network of colleagues have reported significant clinical responses to ivermectin. Because Ivermectin has 5 different mechanisms of action against coronaviruses, the medication is also effective with the different variants of the virus. Get your Ivermectin while you still can!

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