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5.23.20 - Q Senator, Trump OverRules Governors, & More

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 270 Views
Published on 23 May 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 8 months ago

Now that you my nonmason Romantic Warriors continue to Chop down them 5G TIME Machine Eugenics Weapons and {Transfer Portals} [{*}] for these Doppelgangers from the other side of our FLAT EARTH known by these FREE MASON [Lodge members] doing the SEDITION – high Treason – Treachery of TRAITORS “to we all” on this side of FLAT EARTH as Humans at WAR with Machine People (whom look) just as we do….., talk just as we do…..., and even dance, and play, and kill, then you must “never forget’ / * \ ALL NATIONS FLAGS Military and even LOCAL POLICE Departments have been [Replaced] [{**}] by this OBAMA 21st Century FEDERAL Police Act that TRUMP the RED MAN has the authority to kill any “U.S. Citizens” +=+ he so chooses be you a 10th Degree freemason fuck to a 1 degree freemason puke too even I bet……., any 33rd DEGREE Free Mason the INTERNATIONALIST from the “other side” of our Celestial Sphere no longer find useful…


Therefore, my nonmason and you in The Society of nonmason, keep killing {MASTER MASONS} in Secret, and then work your way down their “Pyramid Scheme” till all Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Shriners – Eastern Stars – Rainbow Girls aka [NON-HUMANS] /_\ are dead dead dead, and this UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of “192 Countries” will fall to we THE 50 STATE FLAGS for America that will become The Foundation Stones “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…


Whom are these CORPORATIONS to push you around my personal CORPORATION.?.?.?.?.? Are not your I.D. all caps???? Then take the REPRESENTATIVES of these CORPORATIONS pushing the (COVID19) Corporation TAKE OVER of all we the PEOPLE CORPORATIONS, and sue they in Their Own Fucking CORPORATE COURTS for Sedition, Treachery, Treason, as FREE MASON whom have not upheld Their OATH OF OFFICE to your 50 States CORPORATE FLAG Constitutions!!!


These CIDRAP to the CDC to the EPA to the U.S. FLAG government of these U.N. FLAGS are still REPRESENTED By Employees known as CEO like Trump and Pence and Putin and Xi and even the POPE ON DOPE is the CEO of the CORPORATE FLAG of the Vatican!!!! So take them to Prosecution for DERELICTION of Duty to the Religion you so choose!!!!

YOU SUE THEM FOR FRAUD!!!! It is legal to arrest “any and all” FREE MASON Lodge Members no matter their AGES or POSITIONS in your “Countries” for FRAUD!!!!

(COVID19) is FRAUD under U.S. LAW, English LAW, and even PAPAL LAW!!!!

The Republic of The South!!!!!


Now since we all know about The EDISON machine of FORCED TECHNOLOGY that controls all these {5G Time Portals} +=+ them 5G Eugenics Towers, maybe you can see Technology has always been [a part of] /_\ our Holographic SIMULATION (Holodeck) Life Style here in this Celestial Sphere CONSTRUCT “Home World” of PURGATORY!!!!

The Commander~


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