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4-28-21 APfnS Gaming Podcast Notes from MK11 Gameplay [pt3]

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Published on 28 Apr 2021 / In Gaming


This is the commentary to 4/28's MK11 gameplay

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 days ago

Now it should come as no surprise that the SCHOOLS will be used to TAKE YOUR children away from you...

And whence we know all BLUE EYED Nations are to be DEPOPULATED under JADE HELM 15 that we now can plainly see is the NEW NORMAL Code of Space Force the #USSF and the #COVAXXED of this World Domination Plot by INVASION forces from the other side of our shared Celestial Sphere:

The reason all these (False) +=+ Christ Messiahs are saying we don't need the "Vaccine" is so the MINDLESS MASSES whom think they have the {Holy Water Spirit} will [resist] QBALLS~ /_\ doing these Vaccines.......,

and Their Children "will be" taken away under FEMA HOMELAND Security Red Flag Laws where Men will be separated from their Wives and Wombmen Separated from their Husbands, and the Children will be TAKEN by the STATE [too be raised] / * \ in INTERNMENT CAMPS, and INDOCTRINATION Reeducation Centers as has happened before, and since for the most part the Vaccines are only INJECTING you with the Common Cold: known as the CORONA, youm would do well (my people) and children of Pak-Toe to get the Shots, and not be taken away by the Racka no matter your OCCUPATION U.N. FLAG of U.N. Troops.........,

and have yous children get the shots cause THEY LIVE will use {G4S] to come take youm away just as has been done in The City of Miami Beach for the last 5 years...., as the FLORIDA USA Constitution Police Departments must now OBEY - COMPLY - SUBMIT too G4S as U.N. INTERNATIONALIST Corporation Capitalist C.O.P.S. regardless of your FREE MASON "Fraternal" Order of the BLUE BLOODS!!!

CORPORATIONS have always run the world, and those whom resist will be taken out and turned into ALT-MEAT and their Children under 8 years old RE-EDUCATED while those 9 to 17 will be put into SLAVE LABOR to do MADE IN CHINA here in the USA... If you are a Parent or a Guardian: GO LOOK AT HOW the schools are now all set up as HOLDING CENTERS,

and Parents can't keep their children at home once this all goes down... You see, I am The Oracle for the END OF AN AGE, and I am the real Christ Jesus Returned....

Now watch and learn.… The House of Griffin…..

#NURATU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELUCFR23Q9w

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