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(3 min) The Deep State's Time is Over - inspiring Trump clips

Land of the Free
Land of the Free - 834 Views
Published on 14 Jan 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

This video is from Facebook. By the way, I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts today - never used them much anyway. Why support big tech when they censor our President? (Besides spying on you.) There are many alternatives. Anyhow, enjoy the video! I did.
P.S. The message accompanying this video was, "It’s back up. Watch it before they take it again." Got it!

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Morten Kalland
Morten Kalland 6 days ago


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Colesed 6 days ago

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N03nd8 7 days ago

Throughout history...in the end, the people are gradually becoming the rulers...may they bow to God in their journey.

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Whousethal 7 days ago

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 days ago

Teacher…, why does no one NOT just STOP this All The World is a Stage, and the SHOW must go on.?.?.? Listen to me well my Rag Tag Rebellion, there is no leaders on either side of our FLAT EARTH, and it could very well be when we get into the D.U.M.B.S. we will find nothing more then FANTASTIC PLANET type Automation Technological Mechanization, and the SECURITY we Fear at our Military Bases have all abandoned their Post cause every thing on T.V. is just old Data Being played as current…

Think of this thing in Washington D.C. where they say there are now 10,000 U.N. Troops surrounding the Capital called The NATIONAL GUARD that once were the Well Armed and Regulated Militias long before the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855, and that this WORLD MACHINE Just repeats our lives for the INCUBATOR BABIES we will become in 2094 where we do not go back in time, we just end up dead dead dead, and the Androids and Gynoids raise us in the New Papers of 1893 then 1903 then 1913 and so on and so forth till WE THE PEOPLE on both sides of FLAT EARTH attain 1953, 1973, 2003, till soon to be 2023 where Paper Money will be no more cause it is not part of this Video Game we keep repeating and gaining more and more De-Ja-Vu…...

This Oraborus Curse was made by {Wizards and Sorcery} is an old old old spell of long DEAD PEOPLE in them underground Cities and [D.U.M.B.S.] for do not these MASONS only lie about everything cause they get the good jobs: telling their lies agreed upon from our Nations Religions to all the Fake Stories of Dinosaurs and DNA and Atoms that can NOT be split cause The ATOM is the smallest thing in this enclosed Cosmology UNIVERSE, and we have all relived a Galaxy of Life Times, and in a Holographix CONSTRUCT known as The Great Work of PURGATORY our Celestial Sphere of A Northern and Southern Hemisphere have be unwilling to see we are NOT in a DREAM, we are all products of a long Dead Machine….

Now you may not like my conclusion, but the Machine will only let you Print or make shows that happened in each {10 year period} +=+ where after 2030 there will be another so called REALITY SHIFT, and we know how this game ends in 2094’ it becomes 1893 for the New INCUBATOR Babies for there is No Time Travel, we have always [continually] been going into the future, and if we continue to BLOW THIS WORLD UP, there will come a day when no life will go forward cursed or not, so maybe you would do well my “nonmason” in the Military to go to WASHINGTON D.C. and find these TV 10,000 National Guards cause THEY AIN’T There!!!

Trump and Biden arn’t real!!!

Every thing is a god damned TV Show, and we know how the Show will end in 2077 with mass Sterilization and then Mass Destruction, and then we Holographix People will RESET to the Orginal LAST Holodeck of 1893 to 2094 forever and ever in a never ending TIME LOOP that can be avoided if just one of you’s MASONS {whom knows} ALL IS A LIE, but since your Avatars are Mad and Monsters and Insane, then we the people have No Choice but too Blast our Ways into the UNDERGROUND CITIES on both sides of FLAT EARTH and fight with these “CYLONS” till we Machine People defeat all THEM machine people…

Otherwise, you will be YOU again with your same De-Ja-Vu and I will be me again doing all these Written WORKS in Vain cause this Knowledge all gets DELETED when 2094 become 1893 because The EDISON is Broken, and I need access into the D.U.M.B.S. to fix it… That Spoken: I do not care What U.N. FLAG “occupies” your lands, nor the {U.N. Troops} whom Walk your Streets, you must go to your CAPITALS and Demand to See and Touch and Verify your [world leaders] are nothing more then OLD LOGUNS RUN Data Media presented as real…

The Book of EXODICE!!!


For those of you’m whom have read all the written works even long before The BOOKS on mewe that any can download from OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition page, if you do Nonthinking, but watch TV: then you will relive your lives for all time….

The Society of nonmason~

Think about this my people and children of Pak-Toe if this world was REAL, then the MASONS would have me dead, the U.S. Military would have taken me long ago, so Why AM I even alive when I show this World is a place of Madness, and that WE THE PEOPLE can make PURGATORY anything we want if we will just disobey the A. I. Machine that prints all the books, the magazines, and repeats all the Moving Graven Images every (200 years) where from 1893 to 2094 it just begins too raise WE THE PEOPLE as AVATARS with no clue of what happened to the FUTURE of 2095 cause now we are all Living 1893 again in this Virtual Reality madness… At last My People and Children now you’m know what RACKA IS!!!

The Sentinel…

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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