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2Feb23 NASA, NASCAR, RealID — But Big Win for Gun Ownership

David Knight
David Knight - 254 Views
Published on 02 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES
Groundhog Day — in so many ways 2:30

NASCAR changed the rules so this AWESOME move will never happen again 4:09

NASA's new Fake Moon set created 10:43

Biden stokes the REAL problem at the border — which shows why E-Verify system won't work and is reprehensible because it targets Americans. 13:47

The Australian state of New South Wales is going to get digital id within weeks. 24:45

WATCH Groundhog Day Super Bowl commercial 30:25

Listeners question how they can restrict transportation in the US 32:10

Judge appointed by Biden — slams and blocks "law" that would punish gun manufacturers for any gun crime 40:22

Memphis Police Chief came with her own sordid past. They didn't vet her, just a diversity hire 43:14

The lawsuit from Connecticut showing that it is policy to NOT hire police with IQ above average. Same thing happening in London 49:55

Men who've been convicted of multiple rapes declare they're "trans" and are sent to women's prison. Then it gets worse. Man declares he's a FEMALE INFANT and the prison caters to his demands. We've gone full PSYCHO (as in Hitchcock) 59:19

When will we shut these seminaries of Satan down? Missouri schools, Wisconsin schools, NC schools — from taking kids to drag show, pushing LGBT dogma for an entire week, and school cop & his teacher wife arrested for grooming & pedophilia. 1:07:12

Project Veritas expose of Pfizer ignored by establishment media and even when they park a video van in front of Pfizer NYC headquarters, FOX avoids the issue while "reporting" on the incident 1:27:06

Tony Arterburn,, joins — The Federal Reserve changing interest rates is all politics. 1:32:14

The end of the petrodollar. 1:37:08

What’s going to happen to crypto currency? 1:46:37

If they're going to complain about cryptocurrencies using too much energy and not being green, can we take a look at the energy consumption of NSA facilities and the spy software they install on ALL our phones and computers? 1:52:38

Yes, stopping gain of function, exposed yet again at Pfizer, is important. But what’s more urgent right now? Stop the vaccines. 1:58:08

Another kind of cash cow has been developed in China — the SUPER COW 2:05:12

The difference between selective breeding and genetic modification and cloning. 2:08:03

Leading newspapers and schools of journalism now openly demand we throw out objectivity. So what happens to "Fact Checking"? 2:13:56

Why do we call it postmodernism? Where did the term come from? 2:17:32

A message from angry tiger and Jason Barker. 2:35:33

Trump sues Bob Woodward for $49 million, then 2 days later praises him 2:37:50

Trump criticizes Ron DeSantis for supporting TRUMP's shots. So what DID DeSantis do about lockdowns and jabs in FL and when did he do it? 2:49:04

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