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29Mar23 Trans Violence Called "Resentment" to Justify the Hatred of Those Easily Radicalized

David Knight
David Knight - 163 Views
Published on 29 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

The old fashioned way of creating a mass shooter vs the new way 04:28

Nashville police say shooter was motivated by "resentment". Notice how that word makes the shooter a "victim" and denigrates the true victims 13:35

Biden says guns are "ripping our communities apart." No, the radical targeting of kids is ripping them and the community apart. 14:44

What kind of a person does it take to murder a 9 yr old child? A story from Special Forces in Afghanistan. 18:00

WATCH The daughter of the pastor of the church that ran the school was one of the three 9 yr olds killed. Here's the victim's family's story 20:38

3 things we must understand about the trans movement 23:18

How the principal died 29:56

WATCH TikTok lib taunts families who lost children - you might still have you kids if the government had not messed with the trans agenda 33:25

WATCH Stink Uygur, the OLD Turd telling trans they need to arm themselves before the shooting, even though he hates guns and wants them all banned 35:15

A look at the phony stats used to make trans appear to be under threat of violence, while they organize a "Trans Day of Vengeance" with firearms training included 38:11

Here's why the left's attack on Congressman Ogles' gun Christmas card from 2 years ago is laughable nonsense 1:02:01

The Hollywood crowd that supports the mass murder of abortion and supports the destruction of kids' minds and bodies with transgender lies, cries crocodile tears about guns 1:08:39

Trump doubles down on his elementary-school insults. If it weren't for him, "Meatball Ron" would be working in a "Pizza Parlor" — says the Mafia "Don". Politico explains how Trump is literally doing a Vince McMahon WWE Pro-Wrestling schtick. 1:16:15

Trump and his "pious" AI image. Are evangelicals going to be fooled? 1:20:19

That Time Trump Wanted to Ban Assault Rifles by Exec Order Drunk with power from his precedent-setting "bump stock" ban he pushed hard to do the same to ALL modern sporting rifles. 1:26:02

Trump has big plans for BIOMETRIC ID. Maybe we could call it "Trump ID". 1:34:07

War on Food: Resetting the Table The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Globalists have been defeated twice, but they're regrouping and coming back. 1:41:49

War on Travel: Shutting Roads Here come LTN's — "Low Traffic Neighborhoods" where they close the roads to cars in wealthy neighborhoods and shunt the resulting congestions to someplace other than THEIR neighborhood 1:48:45

INTERVIEW Reference Manual for Survival We've already had a taste of what's coming with disruptions of medical care, supply chains, food and more. What do you need to know to prepare and protect your neighborhood from disaster, riots, civil unrest and other threats? Jack Lawson, author & editor of, written by Special Operations Soldiers and contributing experts. 2:03:23

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gang 2 months ago

mengele criminality

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JJWestfans 2 months ago

What is the Mossad's motto? Exactly. What's continuing to happen? Exactly. Farewell for now America, Greater Israel is coming... PNAC tier 4 +

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