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28Mar23 Xi Knows Power Comes From a Barrel of Oil; Schools: From LGBT Tyranny to Terrorism

David Knight
David Knight - 228 Views
Published on 28 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

While no US refinery has been allowed to be built during the presidencies of Clinton, George W Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden — China and Saudis are partnering for massive NEW refineries in China while we shut down what we have in USA. Mao's axiom was "political power (domestic) grows out of the barrel of gun" but Xi understand economic and geopolitical power come out of a barrel of oil. 2:07

Crypto-takedown accelerates as world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is sued by the US government and others to follow soon 9:10

If US govt wants to shut down oil for the globalist agenda, why are we stealing Syrian oil — and WHY is there a sudden escalation in fighting there? 19:50

Trump seized Syrian oil fields in 2019 24:38

Ukraine says they're starving for weapons & ammunition. Maybe they can buy some of the UNBELIEVABLY MASSIVE cache of weapons we left behind in Afghanistan. 28:28

Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers leaker, says we're using nuclear weapons right now. 40:33

Transgender shoots up Christian school, killing 3 young children and 3 adults. Leftists say the problem is "guns". But we never had 30% of young girls wanting to commit suicide before — why is that? 45:36

Church in New York is fighting Hochul's ban on carrying in "sensitive areas". 1:00:45

Transgender "Jazz" Jennings whose book, supposedly written as he "transitioned" at the age of 5, "I Am Jazz" says 16 years later he’s confused about his gender transition, “breaking down” and “spiraling into negativity.” 1:10:54

AOC rant against parental rights shows the pro-LGBT left really is after your kids. 1:17:41

You can have complete control of your child’s education if YOU do it. 1:19:14

GOP bills in Congress would expand federal meddling in education. It's a trap. 1:26:12

RFK, Jr's Children Health Defense, as good as they have been about exposing vaccine dangers, are pushing the pagan fable of Gaia, Mother Earth, and humans as a dangerous virus 1:41:56

Suprise? Climate activist groups strongly support abortion and want fewer people. 1:44:46

When satire becomes reality. Babylon Bee has predicted the crazy future over 100 times. 1:50:15

CNN accuses white people of "Digital Blackface" for using memes with black people. 1:53:50

New Scottish Prime Minister, a Muslim, makes one of the most bigoted, hateful, racist speeches you'll hear. He hates the fact that there are so many WHITE people in Scotland (96% actually). 1:59:07

What can the average person do to safeguard their sovereignty and freedom of travel against "15 Minute City" or “Smart City?” 2:05:50

WATCH: China's central planners created imitation cities of Europe. But no one wants to live there or even visit 2:19:50

The quartering act of 1774 and the violation of the third amendment — TODAY. Technology changes, but not human nature or tyranny. 2:24:27

It wasn't just agent provocateurs and police entrapping people on J6. The FBI has continued to push informants and spies into the legal proceedings to spy on defendants and defense counsel. 2:49:06

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gang 2 months ago

"warren buffett" looses in switzerland as "x" but chats with tourists and locals as "y"

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