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#284 // TIME

Good Dog
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Published on 17 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

Original Air Date: 13.JAN.2021

#284 // TIME
It's time to decide which side of God's Ledger we're on. Don't be like those from Laodicea - who try to angle for the middle way - for those are spewed out! This is clear as crystal. Our answer determines our own fate. Choose Wisely!
Akron Ohio Communist Party ('comrade') outs covert communist rioter: destroying & terrorizing DC Capitol. Also identifies himself as COUNTER-INTEL. Counter to POTUS, same folks that brought us TRUMP/RUSSIA!
Democrats implicated in terrorist deployment. Yet, they impeach POTUS - and rig phony 25th Amendment attack to cover up their crime? FIVE DIED. DO THESE LIVES MATTER?
Very same Tech Tyrants behind the current PURGE of half of Americans from social media, YouTube, Facebook, - even employment, insurance & banking - also behind this terrorist infiltration cell (Black Lives Matter). Over $1 billion given to Black Lives Matter in 2020 alone - even as US cities were torched and citizens shot. Not a word from Pelosi - aside from "Good Job".
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Lyrics adapted from the Bible by Simon Khorolskiy & Zarina Kozlov

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