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23Mar23 With Captions #EnoughIsEnough: Media Won't Cover TrumpShot Deaths, So People COVER Media HQ's With Photos of Victims

David Knight
David Knight - 224 Views
Published on 23 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

#EnoughIsEnough: Media Won't Cover TrumpShot Deaths, So People COVER Media HQ's With Photos of Victims 2:32

New proof of deaths & disabilities from TrumpShots in autopsies, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and MORE proof from Pentagon DMED database 12:45

Feds to deploy mobile examination centres to collect bio-data from Canadians. 27:50

Boris Johnson trial in the UK. Will it deter future tyranny? 31:40

Florida doctor who saved lives during the financially incentivized medical malpractice called "covid" has his board certification removed for speaking out. Will Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo be disciplined for saying the SAME THING about NOT giving these toxic jabs to minors? 46:19

"She was dead before prayer and alive after". Doctors believe in miracles at a far higher rate than the general population. Here's one example why —ER doctor speaks out about woman who was clinically dead for some time before responding after prayer from a pastor. 1:04:22

The Federal Reserve is increasing interest rates in the middle of a banking crisis and is on course to make matters much worse. Whether malice or incompetence brought us here, at this point it's malicious. 1:26:37

Whiplash for markets and banks. Yellen walks back all of yesterday’s implicit support for small banks while making it explicit that systemwide deposit guarantees are not being considered. 1:44:03

Title: Beethoven's 1st — DNA Analysis, That Is. Hoping to find why he went deaf at an early age, heirloom collections of strains of his hair were analyzed and they found some surprising things they weren't looking for. 1:50:19

Nullification Bill Fails in TN. Democrat opponents say nullification will lead to secession — no, it's the best way to stop secession. They say it will never happen — but virtually ALL states have nullified Federal overreach in one or more areas. 2:02:15

The EU is already caving on its ban of internal combustion engines and 2035 — but ONLY for the elite. 2:13:53

California farmers lose billions of dollars, from floods and it will have an astounding impact on food for the country. Look at the concentration of agricultural production… 2:18:03

Potatoes are so easy to grow, they're talking about growing them on Mars and using them to build structures on Mars. Spud-nik? 2:20:16

The next (but not FINAL) act of Trump’s "Manhattan Melodrama". 2:28:52

"Exculpatory letter" found say many, from Cohen in 2018 when he was still playing the “loyal card” to get help on legal fees. Will it matter? 2:31:49

The campaign parallels to Trump porn star hush money and Iran-Contra and Reagan’s campaign and election 2:38:24

Who had it worse, Donald Trump or Jesus Christ? Many Trump supporters are giving the WRONG answer to an absurd idolatry 2:45:59

Tucker Carlson texts in 2021: “We’re very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights.” But today he declares "I love him". 2:55:04

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Whoa! He's Definitely Right
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